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Why are Argentine women obsessed with straight hair?

It is seen on the streets: most Argentine women choose to wear long straight hair. Why are we hiding the curlers?

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  “I love your curlers   “, they always tell me, from faces framed in formalin manes. You like my curlers... but yours don't? Unlike what happened in the 1980s — when the perm was the vedette of hairdressers — today   argentinas are obsessed with straight hair   . According to the Union of Combers of Argentina, here women prefer hair   long, straight and preferably blond   .

  Straightening, irons, formalin treatments   - everything is worth to achieve the long-awaited straight hair, well glued to the head. Even the one that is natural, many times, does not feel plain enough, and also resorts to treatments. The striking thing is that this is not the case all over the world: anyone who walks through Madrid or Rome — to give an example — may notice that there are women with straight hair and others with curly hair, almost to the same extent. This ongoing struggle against nature itself appears to be more rooted by Latin American lands.


No matter the media

They say that in Argentina we break records   psychologists and hairdressers   : Apparently, we like to take care of our head inside and out. According to a survey by L'Oreal, in our country,   7 out of 10 women go to the hairdresser regularly   . They do it 9 times a year, when in Europe they tend to be 5 times. There are around 42,000 hairdressers:   Buenos Aires   , it's quite common to find more than one on the same block. Within the treatments that are done by Argentine women,   the   color   and straightening   are the most frequent.

  To have straight hair does not matter the means   : We are filled with unbreathable chemicals that make our eyes cry, we put our hair between hot iron plates and we stress when — after a while — the hair grows and, from between the roots, our natural waves begin to appear.   Our real hair, which comes to remind us how we really are.   But we don't want to see it; then, we run back to the hairdresser to make it disappear, and so we live slaves of the “beauty salons”, who sell us a   standardized happiness at a price for nothing small   .


Breaking structures

Even if we don't register it, we all live at the mercy of certain canons that are imposed on us. We all aspire to a   ideal of hegemonic beauty   where being skinny, white and straight is the rule. But, of course,   we don't all fit into those stereotypes   . And many suffer from that. In this context, modifying the natural shape of our hair is something that is within our reach. That's why it's the first thing we changed. There will be those who argue that straight hair is “more neat” and “has less frizz” than curlers, but the important thing is to see what are the real reasons why we don't just let ourselves be who we are.

All   we are free to choose the hairstyle we want to wear   and the clothes we want to wear. We can choose whether we want to wax or not. We can wear brown, blond, red or violet hair, as long as that choice comes from the inside and not from something imposed externally.

Today some of these canons   they are breaking   . Today, little by little,   we are going to accept what we are   . Today we understand that none is perfect and that, in our particularities, is our true essence. AND   our true beauty   . When we understand that our best version is simply   to be as we are,   let's stop looking for an ideal that doesn't exist. And then,   to shine, my love.  

Publication Date: 26/03/2021

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