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When Patagonia calls, without hesitation you have to go to Patagonia...

“Come, don't hesitate, don't think more; Buenos Aires no longer gives for more”, Patagonia is there.

As we are
Cuando la Patagonia llama, sin dudar hay que ir a la Patagonia…

30 years ago, a sound began to rumble in my ears: someone called me and said, “Come, don't hesitate, don't think anymore; Buenos Aires does not give for more.” The people, the streets, the insufferable traffic, the humidity, the heat, the cold and the drizzle that eats the soul. Two jobs distant from each other, collectives, subways and trains, many days with an idea hovering in my head.

I wanted to go, change my life. And I didn't doubt it. I came to   Neuquen  . But don't stop having my side of Buenos Aires. Yeah, at least, I stopped being a number.

Today, living the downward curve of life, I thank you for the annoying sound in my head for making the decision. I see the majestic mountain range from the window of my room, enjoy the majestic  Limay River  and joy with the snow and nature of the snowy days in  San Martin de los Andes , dark volcanoes and silence in the northern mountains. Silence at night is indescribable. Here I learned to  be more Argentine than ever , because I could know the idiosyncrasy of the village, the humility of the chacarero, the effort and tenacity of the oil tanker, and why not, also know who my neighbor is. I learned his story, his struggle to be independent. I worked and retired. Now I enjoy and teach Buenos Aires what it is like to live in  Patagonia . It is not what is said inhospitable or savage. It is the land that is far from General Paz, but close to starry nights.

I'm not an ID anymore. I have a name recognized by people and with great pride I carry a part of my blood  happy to be neuquino by adoption .

 ( Fernando Frexas Llobet) 

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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