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What will they say

It is time to roll up and get down to work in a joint, long-term effort, but honestly. No matter what they'll say.

Who said that  Argentines  are not interested in what they will say?

Obviously it is. There is no way that we can slip what is said out there or what is talked about us. Ah! -No? In the introspective look, it is enough to review the uninterrupted success of Rial or Marcelo on TV. In which the chimento garpa, as well as the interest aroused by the replica of the news on the international media level.

Like it or not, we usually be cannon meat. By virtuosity or for the faulty. The greatness of 10 on the court or for their inappropriate behavior outside it. Charly's talent or the fall from the nové nové. Because of Jorge Mario's humility or by the self-sufficient pride of Carlos or Cristina. And like these, thousands of examples. To inevitably end in the gaze of a world that magnifying glass in the natural wealth of our land. Contrasting with the shameful poverty of the world's barn.

During the last century and for many years we were the envy of South America. We stood out in education, health, social, culture, art, sports... Today we stand out in corruption, debt, insecurity, hunger and country risk...

The world doesn't expect anything from us anymore. You don't buy the recognized “we tie it with wire”. Neither the celebration of goals by hand, nor the euphoria of Congress for not taking on the debts contracted. Knowing that we will only recover credit and trust as long as we eliminate the Chicanas and bring the millions to invest them in our country.

The world is looking at us. The VAR and the IMF monitor faults and diversions so that we stop looking and being. It is time to roll up and get down to work in a joint, long-term effort, but honestly. Maybe in a few years, hopefully soon, we'll be able to reverse that dull image.

After all, we are experts at reversing crises!

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