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What will our midday be like without El Zorro?

Argentina is a country of rituals and fanaticism. The Fox will no longer be broadcast on the screen of The
As we are
El Zorro ya no se emitirá por la pantalla
30 November, 2019

In Argentina, fanaticism is ordinary currency. We are a people of extreme emotions, good and bad, and we take everything to the limit. A few days ago, for example, El Thirteen decided to build a series of his grid: El Zorro . How serious could it be that they stopped broadcasting a program that was filmed in the 1950s, in today’s Internet times when any content is at hand? Very serious.

As the broadcaster announced the change, The phones blew up. Social networks exploded with indignation. It decision was commented on in the halls of offices, at meetings of friends, in the queues of the supermarket. It happens that the fact happened after 16 uninterrupted years when the Disney series aired on that channel. AND, If there’s something that’s hard to remove in this country, it’s a good habit.

A long story

The Fox lasted only two years. It began broadcasting on October 10, 1957, but its repetitions are seen to date in several countries of the Americas. It featured two seasons of 39 chapters of 30 minutes each. The program arrived in Argentina in 1968 and, since then, the country had a new hero. Generations of boys — and not so young — began to leave the Z mark, and over the years, watching the chapters at noon became a ritual.

So much so that, in the decade of the 70, Guy Williams, the protagonist, came to the country acclaimed by his fans and was fascinated by the warmth of the people. And also — as it could not be another way… by an Argentinian. The American actor fell in love with Araceli Lizaso and decided to settle in our country, where he lived until his death in 1989.

Then we’ll have to get used to the midday without El Zorro. Because all the good, unfortunately, one day comes to an end.

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