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What is the tallest Christmas tree in Patagonia?

Ushuaia came to have a 42-meter Christmas tree, but where is the tallest tree in Patagonia now?

 With the spirit of the festivities  and the assembly of  Christmas trees  , between the cities is born a -generally- healthy competition to see which one holds the mosts big.

In  Patagonia , if there was no one that was kept secret and came to light surprisingly, the capital of  Santa Cruz ,  Río Gallegos  , is the town of the region that can proudly say that it owns the largest tree, as its own inhabitants have been assuring for a few months ago, when the construction of the tree began.

 The structure measures 17 meters and 80 centimeters , has a diameter of seven meters, weighs more than ten tons and to be able to specify its installation wind simulators were used to take into account any situation that the climate of Patagonia may cause.

 In 2004,  Ushuaia  was able to boast a 42-metre tree , which was considered the tallest in South America. For it, more than eight thousand lamps were used and at its peak it had a star of two meters and eighty centimeters. But that was in the past and Rio Gallegos installed its structure to look proud as the tallest in Patagonia.

In the capital of Santacruceña, the tree of almost 18 meters is located on the highway 17 de Octubre and was installed a day before December 7 before the sight of the neighbors who watched with admiration the start-up. The base weighs eight tons and has an iron structure mounted four meters deep.

“It was designed so that it can be seen from afar, from different points and impacting people,” said one of those who carried out the construction and assembly of the imposing tree, which definitely fulfilled its goal.

Comparisons are hateful, but if we want to talk about the “tallest” tree in Patagonia, we should see when other cities in the region are measured. To begin, in the same territory of Santacruceno, the construction of Rio Gallegos surpassed that of  El Calafate , which came with the provincial record of 12 meters. On December 8, the residents of the Bicentennial district of  Caleta Olivia , raised a tree of 7 meters. This generated comments that brought to light the rivalries between the cities of the province, but also of praise between one and the others, complaining because in some localities “it is not so nice”.

Going north, in the province of  Chubut , there are some trees of   Christmas  higher than normal, but they can't reach the middle of the riogalleguense. Just crossing the border, in  Comodoro Rivadavia  you can find one of four meters.  In the  Chubutense capital,  Rawson  , there is a five-meter tree, and if we grab the route national 25 and we got to  Esquel , we'll be able to find a six-meter tree. All of them, far from more than 17 meters from the capital of santacruceña.

Following the way to the north, the pine tree that settles in the traditional Civic Center of  Bariloche , measures about 12 meters and  Viedma , the capital of  Rio Negro there is one of 10 meters. Also, smaller figures, although they came a little closer to Río Gallegos.

Well, the thing is, apparently, in the south of the province of Santa Cruz, in their capital, they managed to fulfill the longing to be able to show off the largest Christmas tree in  Patagonia  — at least it's standing, because it is a few meters away to reach what was that of Ushuaia. Do you agree, or do you think that in some Patagonian city there is a tree taller than Rio Gallegos? 17 meters and 80 centimeters measures the santacruceño tree.

Will there be any taller in Patagonian territory that will take away the title?

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