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What is the most sought after by the quarantined mendocinos?

Condoms and gel alcohol is the most sought after by Mendoza through the delivery app. It grows a different way
As we are
Qué es lo más buscado por los mendocinos
| 31 March, 2020 |

Little by little, the people of Mendoza are paying attention to this to stay locked up in the house. Negative data from other countries dank in our behaviours and, incrementally, we understand that quarantine is not a whim, but a way to prevent the situation from being overturned. And it is in that context that the need to change shopping habits. Then, the possibility to buy from a distance that product we have so searched, but we didn’t get it.

Thisis the classic applicationsto buy from our mobile phone, or we can order a purchase at the supermarket and to receive her at the door of our house. As we said, many people have opted for this modality and companies already have their own statistics . What is the most sought after thing?

In this regard, Glovo relieved the items most ordered by those who must be kept inside the home. In pharmacies in Mendoza, stand out gel alcohol (57.7 per cent), soap (11.5 per cent) and infant milk (19.23 per cent), while in supermarkets bread (26.92 per cent), tuna (21.79 per cent) and milk (20, 51%)

At the national level, the pharmacy orders record gel alcohol (66.24%), baby milk (21.86%), liquid soap (4.82%), toilet paper (3.86%) and condoms (3.22%). While the most sought after in supermarkets is tuna (32.91%), water (20.25%), eggs (18.35%), skim milk (17.41%) and sugar (11.08%).

The word of the app

“ We hope to accompany the context through three main pillars: reducing the risk to access purchases of the home, reducing traffic in the city and maintaining the productivity and consumption that the country needs and will need to get ahead,” explained from the application.

On the other hand, they stated that they have accentuated the measures of safety and hygiene of delivery and merchants,and temporarily disabled the requirement that forced users to sign on the devices of the dealers at the time of receiving the order, in order to ensure delivery with the least possible contact.

While requesting theuse of means of digital payment to avoid contact with physical money.

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