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What is it like to live in Argentina?

Living in Argentina is far from perfect. It is difficult and beautiful at the same time. Why do we choose to live here in spite of everything?

What is it like to live in Argentina? If I had to summarize it in one sentence, it would be “difficult, but beautiful.” Difficult, because every day is an unknown: we never know what else can happen. Because it's like living on a roller coaster, where sometimes it seems like a quiet stretch comes, but deep down you know that at any moment the fall is coming again.

 Instability  is our only constant. Uncertainty, in these times more than ever. Complaints floating in the air, always, everywhere. Argentines live in a permanent state of alert. That makes us awake, but how hard it is to relax like that.

It's hard, yeah. But it's also beautiful. Because it is a country full of beautiful things, no matter where you are, the landscapes, the colors, the intense life of our cities. The smell of  roast , which also floats in the air on Sundays in the neighborhoods. The volatile thing of our economy is counteracted by something that lowers us and clings to us: our people. Our people are strong. She is  supportive , she always has a smile to offer to those who need it most.

Our way of wanting, loving each other, of forging ties, is what makes living in  Argentina  beautiful.  Heroes  every day, who never lower their arms. You kill them, the talks, the hugs without shame, the laughter. Laughter in spite of everything. Our chaos is full of charm that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Living in  Argentina  is far from perfect. But, if I had to choose a place in the  world , I would choose this one again and again.

Rating: 3.00/5.