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What if we put on a grill?

During the last 20 years, gastronomic ventures were mutating and reproducing without stopping.

Argentines are entrepreneurs by nature. The gastronomic industry is undoubtedly one of the most business options offer, but there is a small drawback: we all think of the same thing at the same time, and that's why not many endure. During the last 20 years, gastronomic ventures were mutating and reproducing without stopping. Shall we do a review? Rotiseries  In the late 1980s, before delivery was something common and everyday for everyone, the possibility of having homemade food without the need to prepare it yourself was a great idea. This is how the rotiserías were born, which began to populate the neighborhoods with their offer of Neapolitan Milanese and ravioli four cheeses. Free forks  Beginning the 90s, consumerism and the need to have it all in large quantities naturally led to an innovative option for eating out: free forks. Cheap, a lot of everything and unmeasurably: that spirit lasted a few years, but little by little they were going to a better life. Grills  At the same time, and now by the hand of delivery, the neighborhoods began to be mined from these gastronomic venues in whose name should appear yes or yes the word chicken . But one can eat chicken only to a certain limit and, over time, that limit came: grills are now — in most cases — just a nice souvenir. Croissants  By the end of the decade, opulence was declining and people began to opt for cheaper options. By the time of the mate, croissant franchises that offered a commodity and acceptably rich at a reasonable price began to appear. There are still a few left, although the price is becoming less reasonable. Sushi  Already entered the 2000s, and when the crisis had amained a little, the gourmet began to take ground. Sushi deliverys multiplied uncontrollably and, in the end, only the best survived. Organic Food  Vegetables, fruits, snacks - everything is now organic and healthy. No junk food and throw yourself on the couch to watch TV; what is going now is to go for a run and join the wave fit . Natural food undertakings free of agrotoxics are increasingly and, for now, they are not doing bad at all. Handcrafted breweries  If before it was difficult to find a bar where they served pulled beer, it is now difficult not to bump into one every 200 meters. Handcrafted birreries are booming and everyone feels they can also make their own beer. We will see how long the event lasts and whether, as always, only the pioneers survive. And those who are really good.
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