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What are Argentines doing in quarantine?

A survey investigated the activities carried out by Argentines in quarantine. Are we bored or are we doing it well?

As we are
¿Qué hacemos los argentinos en cuarentena?

Argentines locked up, no possibility of meeting, isolated, far away. No Sunday pasta, no  roasts  with friends, without the  mates  when they pass. Something like what is happening now is unpublished to us. So how are we doing it?  What are we Argentines doing in quarantine? 

To find out, the   Institute of Social Sciences and Project Disciplines (INSOD)   of Fundación UADE conducted an  online survey  with the aim of investigating different points related to the activities carried out by the population in their homes following the implementation of preventive and compulsory social  isolation  decreed by the national Government. The sample of the survey had an  average age of 29 years  with a  medium and medium high socioeconomic status  .

Argentines in quarantine

 56%  of respondents mentioned that tasks related to the  workplace or  educational environment    are one of its main activities.

In terms of  leisure and entertainment , 37% said that  social networks take up most of their time; 31% choose to watch series or movies on online platforms; 26% perform household tasks (cleaning, cooking, repairs, etc.); and 19% do  physical activity .

Other activities also mentioned were  chat  and video calls with family and friends (13%), sleep (12%), sharing family activities (such as board games, puzzles, card games, talks with partner or family, etc.) (10%), read online news (7%), reading books or magazines (6%), performing artistic activities (painting, drawing, playing musical instruments, singing, etc.) (6%) and watching television (5%).

With regard to  physical activity ,  37% say they have not had physical activity since the start of the quarantine, 13% say they are exercising five or more times a week, 28% say doing it once to twice a week and 22% say doing it three to four times a week.

 Are  Argentines  in quarantine bored?  On a scale from 1 to 10 — in which 1 means “extremely boring” and 10, “quite entertaining” — the average response was  7 points  . This means that Argentines are “partially entertained” during this mandatory isolation.

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Publication Date: 05/05/2020

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