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Welcome home

A pilot from Aerolíneas Argentinas moved with his words the passengers, a group of returnees who had been stranded in Miami by the pandemic.

When we have to go through difficult times is when we value what we have most. The little things that fill our lives. Family, friends, hugs. When things are wrong, we want to be home. Today,  thousands of Argentines are stranded in different parts of the world  because of the  coronavirus pandemic.   Aerolíneas Argentinas   (and now also other companies) are trying to repatriate them, so they can return home.

These days, one of those flights arrived from Miami to Ezeiza. After landing, the pilot spoke to the passengers to fire them, as is often the case. But this time it was special.  The commander moved everyone with his message , which was recorded by a passenger and spread on social networks:

This is  Commander Pedro Parrado . I wanted to greet you personally before disembarking and tell you that, both for me and for the crew and for all Airline workers, it is a pride to work on the flag airline. We are proud that, from today, Aerolíneas will serve the homeland by transporting Argentines who need to return from the different affected areas.  I assure you, we're all going to do our best to accomplish this operation . I therefore ask you to all comply with the mandatory quarantine necessary to take care of ourselves and care for others. I hope that soon we can return to our normal life, without further complications. I send you a strong hug and mostly  welcome home .

The message has a special force in this context, in which kisses and hugs are forbidden, but we need warmth and mutual support.  Commander Pedro Parrado deserved, more than ever, the sense of applause he received. 

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