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Less to wait for school! All the order that the Santafesinos show to queue we lose when it comes to getting on public transport.

As we are

They say that there are certain situations that show the true essence of people. And this is often said in a negative sense: that people show the worst in very specific moments. My thesis is that, in Santa Fe, this is clear in the wild we get when it comes to boarding collective passenger transport. For anything else, we stand in line without gosh. To wait for “the school,”we tear our eyes out with the one next door, regardless of sex or age.

First of all, a clarification, in case you read this note and you're from somewhere where they call it different from school. The school we tell in Santa Fe to what in other parts of the country is the bondi or the bus. It's the affectionate way of calling the collective, of course. The school is the public transport of Santa Fe. There's no other. More than once, projects were initiated to recover the old railway lines to make urban trains , but they did not succeed. Here you have to move at school. Only 20 lines cover the whole city.


There are plenty of moments in the daily life of the Santaphesinos that involve queuing. This is no different from what happens in any city, with Buenos Aires as the clearest example, plagued by places where one queues to pay taxes, to collect, to buy a ticket, to enter to see a show...

The particularity we have with this issue in Santa Fe is that queuing would seem, many times, not to bother us. It's weird. Having to wait normally generates stress, discomfort, discussions. That's not usually seen in Santa Fe. On the contrary, it is picturesque, but at the same time usual, to see groups of people socializing happily as they queue. They install sun loungers in the middle of the street, prepare the mat and thus liven up the waiting. Not to mention the entrance to the court of Colón or Union, where we meet friends and sing the footballing melodies, we wait for the start of theparty in the access queue.

But there is a terrible exception to this cheerful Santafesina custom of tailing. It's waiting for school, on any corner of town. For some strange reason, passengers on this public transport have not gotten used to lining up to order the wait. Only exceptionally the Santaphesinos let some pregnant woman or elderly person pass through. Otherwise, we squamped at the school door as if the driver was giving away dollars. Oh, I know. The description looks like wild monkeys. But it's the hard reality. We have a great debt in Santa Fe to be able to civilize ourselves with this issue.

Like this.

Publication Date: 29/06/2020

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