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“We came to see what is the best wine”

Wine is the distinction of Mendoza in the world. And such is the curiosity, that a French couple came just to see how good it is.

As we are
Vinimos a ver cual es el mejor

The   El Plumerillo International Airport was the perfect location to interview a French couple.   With backpacks, tents and sleeping bags in andas, the young people arrived Mendoza, attracted by our wines, from Buenos Aires, where they spent a few days and visited places of interest: “We came from Buenos Aires, there we were 2 days. We did a little sightseeing.   We went to La Boca, we took some pictures, went to Plaza de Mayo   ”.

With English as the fundamental channel of message exchange, we managed to get some interesting concepts. So, we knew that Mendoza is just one of the many places they will visit. Méri Celiá commented:”   We'll be in Mendoza for two days. Then we will travel to   Iguazu.” Whereas, consulted by the lure that brought him here, he confessed: “Wine”. And, without the need for verbs, subjects and connectors, we understood that wine is their main goal: “Wineries, taste wine,” they replied. However,   as France was a country recognized worldwide for wine production, the competitive question was not lacking. Méri said: “In France we also have wine, let's see which one is the best.”  

Like all tourists visiting our country, meat is the great vedette:”   The favorite food in Argentina is meat. But also the people are very good and friendly   ”. By the way, and because the theft of tourists was a daily news for us, the French replied: “We have not suffered any cases of insecurity.”

This is how these young people from southeastern France had their baptism of entry.   From a village with mountains, similar to Mendoza, but with new attractions to know   . Thus, we confirm, once again that we are good hosts, that we offer rich food and outstanding drinks.

Publication Date: 20/05/2020

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