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We are the Patagonian wind

The Patagonians sing to the wind or is it the wind that whispers melodies to them? We tell you the
As we are
| 06 April, 2020 |

Ow! , we are part of the southern wind

Cold blue Rubén Patagonia

The Patagonians, from the south of the Colorado River to Ushuaia, sing to the wind. Or perhaps, as the musicians themselves say, it is this one that whispers to them coplas, verses and melodies. Something’s for sure. For provinces such as Neuquén, Río Black, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, wind is part of their identity.

Today we know that climate or landscape is as much of us as language, customs or what we eat can be. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that the Mediterranean climate, neither cold nor hot, had made them who they were. What about Patagonia? There, it generates an effect so powerful that it transcends the physical. In the south some call it “Eolus”, by the God of the winds in Greek mythology. A great Chubutense musician describes it like this:

When the wind blows it brings forces

that go into my soul

and burst into my throat

and a strange mixture of memories

in pieces of this story

brings the wind into its shell


Much more than wind

The Patagonian wind is strong, cold, persistent. According to wind energy specialists, it is one of the best in the world. It is the typical austral, also called “roaring forty”, or “furious fifty”, or “sixty whistles”, as their attacks grow. It rises above all from the southwest and blows unbridly over that land between two oceans that is Patagonia. The Teuschen, one of the four Tehuelchesvillages, called him Koshkil. It crosses thousands of hectares of steppe reaching speeds of over 100 km per hour. But, for the Patagonians, it’s much more than this. It is a symbol of roots, belonging and freedom. It is a sense of home and nostalgia, which is missed when you are away.

We’re all part of it

The Patagonian wind crosses territories, unites provinces and villages. Whispers melodies, thoughts and ideas in the ears of all Argentines. It Most of the best musicians in our country have heard it. But not only them. Also writers, humorists, artists and scientists.

South wind/or April rain/I want to know/where to go

Charly Garcia

The wind touches my face/marks a change of course

Fito Páez

– Wind? Ah… I thought it was the country, which was beginning to move forward…

Mafalda, from Quino.

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