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We are the best country in the world

Ironically, we often hear that we are the best country in the world. But are we really? Why do we
As we are
| 31 January, 2020 |

We are the best country in the world: we often hear thatphrase. On TV, on the radio, on the street, on the networks. But, far from being an excess of self-love, the phrase is used, in general, to mark those unusual, unique things that only happen in Argentina. The bizarre, the unexpected, the absurd. Creole viveza: the good and the bad.

But, also, deep down we are convinced that we are truly the best country in the world. Maybe I don’t. we would say so, loudly, with its literal sense, but somewhere in our heart really feel it. Although most of the time We refuse and criticize it, we are proud to be Argentinian. Proud of our land, of our people, of our talents, of our customs. Of everything that makes us who we are.

Are we the best country in the world? Maybe not, but it’s okay that we believe it. And that we try to improve, move forward, grow. We have the potential. We may not be the best country in the world, but we have a lot of good things that can drive us to one day be a country of happypeople, which is what matters.

Today it turns out that it is the same
Being right as traitor
Ignorant, wise,
generous jet or swindler.
Everything is the same!
Nothing’s better! The

same a donkey
That a great teacher
There are no postponations or ranks
The ignorants have equal us
If one lives in imposture
And another steals in his ambition No
matter whether it is priest
Colchonero, King of Bastos
Caradura or stowawayCambalache”, by Enrique Santos Discepolo
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