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Violating the quarantine because Hurricane deserves it

In the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Constitución, a man went out to violate the quarantine to paint Hurricane's shield on a wall.

Reasons to violate the quarantine chapter thousand:  paint the Hurricane shield on a wall . Like that, as they read it. That was the excuse a man gave to the police when he was arrested in the  Constitución neighborhood in Buenos Aires City. He left his house amid the mandatory insulation to spray a shield of Hurricane,  the club of his loves . Why did he do it?

So we Argentines do many things:  for  passion  . Or because it does. Turns out that the 48-year-old man had had a  fight with San Lorenzo fans  on that corner, located in the Ciudadela passage to 1200 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, a few days earlier. So, as a remark for the Ravens, he decided to leave them a little gift.

When the cops arrested him, that was his justification:  the passion generated by his club . However, his excuse did not reach. Members of the City Police Neighborhood Commissariat 1C worked out the record for violating the quarantine. These are articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, in the context of the health emergency, and also “simple harm”.

Then the police escorted him to his home to continue to quarantine that all Argentines should do in order to contain the  coronavirus pandemic. And, in this situation,  you have to leave the passions, the impulses and the desire to make jokes saved for a while longer. 

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