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They say that there is only one mother, and that is one of the most beautiful truths in the world. It happens that, for the mother -for that "one"-, her children are always children, no matter if they are 2 years old, 15 or 42. She remains firm and immutable throughout the decades, the changes, the good times and the bad times. Sign when they demand it and demand it, and sign when they grow up and "don't need it anymore. For children, on the other hand, this "one mother" does change with age. In the beginning, it is the reason for our existence, the love of our life, that sustains and protects us. With time, perhaps, it becomes the first target of rebellion: all of a sudden, mother knows nothing, understands nothing, even though deep down we know that we cannot live without her. When we become adults, the relationship turns into pairs; but, even if she treats us like adults, for mom we will always be her children. Her baby who falls in love and breaks her heart, her baby who receives or gets the job of her dreams, her babies who have their own children and renew her life. Towards the end, it may be mom who needs us, who demands and demands us, whom we have to care for and protect, and the circle of life ends its return. Then we realize that it was really always her, only one, who was by our side even when we didn't ask for it, even when we didn't deserve it. Even when we didn't even realize it. Mother's Day is not about buying cell phones, flowers, or eating ravioli: Mother's Day is an excuse, once a year, to try to thank her for all she did for us; to try to understand how one person could have been capable of all that. Happy Mother's Day!

Publication Date: 21/10/2018

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