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Trafficking in persons: the slavery of the twenty-first century

Theme of the week: trafficking in persons.

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My last memory is to be walking down a dark street, which my family and friends told me to avoid. She came quietly because there was no one: no noises or lights or anything. Sometimes loneliness is better than company. It is true that in loneliness and darkness it is where ghosts live, but it always seemed to me that flesh and blood humans are more evil and more destructive than spirits. I wasn't wrong.

Trafficking in persons is the exploitation of men, women, boys and girls forced to work against their will through the use of violence, coercion and deception. Source: International Labour Organization (ILO).

I woke up in a room not much bigger than a bathroom. It was on a mattress that was held by four drawers of beer, one at each angle. Someone had been kind enough to put a sheet down, the one that covers the mattress. Unfortunately, it wasn't very clean as we say. The smell was unbearable. One of the ugliest sensations I remember was feeling that the smell was already on my skin. I'd been pierced.

Worldwide, 21 million people are victims of trafficking. Source: ILO.

I don't remember how many times I woke up to fall asleep almost immediately. The dream was heavy, overwhelming, I felt as if a huge animal had nested in my neck. I was so heavy I couldn't get up. When I managed to get in a little bit, I immediately got dizzy. The third or fourth time I felt like throwing up. When I sat on my elbow, I realized that they had left a bucket next to the bed. A pretty horrible but at the same time quite indisputable way that I had been given something weird.

There are many forms of exploitation of persons such as prostitution, forced labour, criminality, begging, domestic service, forced marriage and organ transplantation, as well as any form of modern slavery. Source: ILO.

I finally woke up. I didn't know if it was day or night, the cubicle had no windows. There was a 25-watt light hanging from a cable, I hadn't seen it before. I'm sure he was, because otherwise he couldn't have found the bucket or known that the mattress had sheets. But I hadn't seen her. The friendliness had a limit: it didn't count on blankets. I remember few moments in my life when I felt so cold. The walls had red and violet spots. I was crossed by sinister images. It wasn't long before I realized that the worst hadn't started yet.

Of the total number of victims of trafficking in persons, one quarter are children, and more than half are women and girls. Source: ILO.

Publication Date: 18/01/2019

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By: Alberto B Ilieff 20 January, 2019

La definición para la trata de personas de la ley Argentina ha avanzado sobre la de OIT al sacar los medios tales como "violencia, coerción y engaños." ya que se demostró que hacían imposible la investigación y condena del delito. Para la ley 26842 la definición es: "Artículo 2º: Se entiende por trata de personas el ofrecimiento, la captación, el traslado, la recepción o acogida de personas con fines de explotación, ya sea dentro del territorio nacional, como desde o hacia otros países."

By: Hipolito Azema 20 January, 2019

Muchas gracias por la aclaración, Alberto. Muy valioso tu aporte. Saludos!

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