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Tired of resisting, but never being a woman

A new March 8 that comes to remove the viscera and rethink the established. The words fed up and woman are already unified.

As we are

When I was a teenager, I heard from my friends' mouths a recurring comment.  “ If I were a woman, I would be a re hooker and I would be with whom I wanted,” they repeated gracefully. It was their way of saying that  we had some kind of power of choice that they didn't . Well, I guess historical records can knock out that thought in an instant. Far from blaming them for that, it was  another manifestation of the patriarchal system  in which we grow up. But  they asked me to write an article about the implications of this date  and I decided to  capture the personal sensations  that lurk me daily. They gave me the freedom of speech to speak and the platform to write. A task as overwhelming as it is full of responsibilities.

 Abuse, abuse, abuse 

Abuse of women

It's been a good  time since International Women's Day regained its meaning of struggle and protest . For some reason, between capitalism and machismo managed to receive flowers, chocolates and greetings. I'm not going to be silly and ignoring that I was also a link in the chain that was waiting for these entertaining. And how to avoid it? , if I had a childhood with pink kitchens, Juliana suitcases and brooms for my birthday.   Like the vast majority of us, I learned about household chores and roles imposed at an early age, and in the most invisible ways. But we also live the concept of abuse closely and no one bothers to explain it . Because it doesn't suit.

If something taught me, the years of psychoanalysis were that things begin to exist to the extent they are named. The first time I ran into the abuse I was nine years old. From then on I lived it in various areas and scenarios, but I didn't know how to give it a definition. Today I am 28 years old and I can say that so far I had to suffer sexual, psychological and labor abuse, to say some.  It took me a lot of energy and study to understand that these things happened to me by the mere fact of being a  woman  .

 The paralysis that hurts 

The characteristics of the situation are always similar, the only thing that changes is the man who stars them. The same happens with the reaction on the other side. At least in my case I could never talk, move or act on time.  While it is difficult to plot, the closest definition has to do with fear. A fear that invades your body and immobilizes every cell within you, something like sleep paralysis . The difference is that you're well awake, but not that's why conscious. Sometimes it takes time to unlock the memory, even a lifetime.  Unfortunately, this story is part of the rule of being a woman and not the exception .

 Fuck them that we are indignant  

On March 8, 2020, before the  pandemic  shook us,     women from the city of  Paraná  went to march to the streets. But we did it with more fury than ever, because hours before they had announced that they had found  Fatima Acevedo 's body. A little kid that had disappeared days before and appeared lying in a cistern.  Her ex-partner killed her, even tried to throw muriatic acid in her face previously . However, indices continue to grow and responsibility is not only on femicides, but also on the justice system and the State itself.

 During the first two months of this year, femicides committed amounted to 47. Surely by the time this note is published there will be a lot more . In that timeline we have  Ursula Bahillo, 18 years old and Guadalupe Curual, 21 years old . The last was stabbed in the center of Villa La Angostura and in the sight of the people. However, these are among the few cases that had access to the media. Generally speaking, they put us in consortium bags, throw us out and whip us with stones in our heads. Also, they stick knives into our sternum, cut us down and fill us with bullets. But how unworthy when we write a wall.

 There is nothing to celebrate, no woman to greet as long as they continue to kill us with impunity . We want rights, equality and being able to walk in peace. I can write countless characters when it comes to opening the debate about everything I think should be modified. I was entrusted with an article about International Women's Day and I'm not interested in talking about chocolates. Instead, I will express my indignation and eternal commitment to the pursuit of justice.  For those who come and for those who are gone .

Publication Date: 08/03/2021

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