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Times of crisis, times of opportunity

The quarantine resulted in the closure of thousands of shops and the fall of many other jobs. In times of crisis, opportunities are pouring out.

As we are
Tiempos de crisis

They say crises are, for some, moments of opportunity. That what does not kill you strengthens you. Under these two ideas, applicable to any area of life, hundreds of Mendoza have been reimagined from a commercial point of view from the economic malaria that brought the pandemic.  Single-personal microenterprises, mini-SMEs, SMEs or any other format has managed to organize and get ahead, satisfying the need they intuitively warned in consumers.

Walk a couple of blocks through the mendocino microcentro, when the last number of our DNI allows it, is enough to warn that  the quarantine hit hard . Before March, some signs of “Alquilo” were already seen in front of some premises. However,  with the advent of the pandemic, the thing got ugly. Abandoned signage, half-installed furniture and dirty floors make up the postcard with which one stumbles each a couple of meters in the  City of Mendoza . 

But, as always, to such situations there are two ways to react.  To give up, or have enough  resilience  to get up.  True, many times, it does not depend on one, and that it is also not easy to get up. But, even so, hundreds of people did it and found their chances to get ahead.

 Social networks 

They are an indispensable tool for commercial activity around the world. However,  they are even more indispensable to make known to an entrepreneurship that is starting. They are free of charge and mass arrival . Enough. Any business ideas can be published and replicated on Instagram or Facebook. So, with a little ingenuity and a basic knowledge in design, we can give you a perfect welcome letter to our microenterprise.

Surely, in the rest of the country, the same thing happened. But, in  the case of Mendoza, from one week to the other we all started to receive requests or followers of different food houses or clothing sales,  which were the two most exploited items. In both cases little investment is required and no physical place is needed.

So, many Mendoza were reborn. Selling  burgers , pizzas or empanadas. The category of  fruits and vegetables is the  exponential case. The famous bags have been distributed without stopping. It is enough to go to the fair one morning, buy in quantity, split it and sell it. Simple, but we have to do it. That is,  it is not a simple task and requires a little money and a lot of time and effort.  But pajamas, slippers and divers also bathed with stories and posts our social networks.

 The solidarity of customers 

People buy.  The one who has some weights to spare, help. To “make the stamina” to the neighbor who ran out of work.  Or because some of these ventures are bringing clothes from Buenos Aires that is new and innovative. Because it's cheaper. Because he brings him to my house. For any reason, consumers usually have empathy with the one who risks a little and launches themselves with these initiatives.

Finally, it should be noted that when the final quarantine is lifted, many of these businesses will surely disappear. Because their owners will return to their usual jobs. But many others, probably the majority, will continue and exploit what began during the confinement. Thus, we will give the initial phrase right.  In times of crisis  opportunities arise , you just have to look for them a little.

Publication Date: 04/08/2020

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