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They say that in the south you live better

What is true in this famous phrase? Is life in the south pink? Do Patagonians have it so easy? Is the south paradise?

As we are

They say that Patagonia is the region with the best quality of life in the country.  The south continues to be the place chosen by most Argentines when it comes to migrating . It does not matter if you have to abandon the family for a while, leave the terroir behind or change your routine.  Patagonia  is worth it. Or at least that say  migrants  who settle in provinces such as Santa Cruz and  Tierra del  Fire. Many come from the north, looking for a better quality of life. Is the south the paradise they were expecting?

 The climate 

For a person arriving from  Salta ,  Formosa or  Misiones , the climate of Patagonia means a big change. Going from a warm winter from 12º to one below zero represents a huge challenge. In Tierra del Fuego, for example, the lowest temperatures are recorded in winter with an average of 1st. And, as if this were not enough, the daily hours of natural light are reduced to 7. What about Santa Cruz?   Wind  is a phenomenon totally absent in other parts of the country, and when it blows it flies to the patio table . As in all things in Argentina, the opinion is divided into two. Those who are in favor of the wind and those who are against it.

On the other hand, in cities like  Rio Gallegos , in winter it is impossible to hang clothes to dry. Take the test! When they're going to unhang it, they're gonna notice that she's... Frozen!

 Hard data 

If we go to the statistics, those traveling to the south have their reasoned motives. Patagonia is the region that grew the most in the last twenty years.  It is the place with the best  quality of life  in the interior of the country , with the exception of the Federal Capital and the city of Buenos Aires. Per capita income is one of the highest in Argentina. In addition, this region has the lowest infant mortality rate and the highest school enrolment rate. Teachers earn more, workers earn more, and domestic workers earn more, although it is important to note that as income rises, costs too.

 Land of immigration and uprooting 

Many of the provinces that make up Patagonia are made up of internal  migrants  from other parts of the country, which has a positive factor in quality of life, as it encourages upward social mobility. However, on the other hand, there is the topic of uprooting. In other words, “miss the earth, routine or mom.” Uprooting is the main factor that explains why Patagonia's dream fades in a matter of seconds.  It does not matter whether the salary is high or if the  landscape is dazzling , when payments call, payments call . Then there is no paradise to reach. Do we Patagonians have it easy? No. But the adventure of achieving a better quality of life is possible and worth it.

Publication Date: 26/08/2020

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