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The wind blows Zonda: terror in Mendoza

It's a pretty dangerous natural phenomenon. But, for the Mendocins, Zonda's alert means “imminent mortal danger.” It's not that way.
As we are
Sopla el viento Zonda
| 08 January, 2020 |

The Zonda wind is a character phenomenon. andrysticof the central and western areas of our country. But, above all, Mendoza. As mentioned, it is a wind coming from the west. Dry, warm, hot, earth lifts, leaves, removes visibility, awakens our worst allergies, throws trees, breaks cars, generates fires and, in some cases, has caused the death of some unsuspecting or unfortunate.

Meteorologically, but also colloquially. we can explain that it is a wind coming from the Pacific Ocean and that, crossing the Andes Cordillera, the atmospheric pressure changes cause moist and fresh air to stay “from the the other side”, letting in only the air dry and hot for “this side”.

Its impact on society

Everything that has been mentioned above is objectively That’s right. However, here we are to describe the attitude of the Mendoza average compared to the Zonda wind alert usually issued in Mendoza by the National Meteorological Service about 3 or 4 times a month. Concreting into reality one or none. Proceeding from that basis is that it is important to analyze the phenomenon of overconcern that will be generates in the good people of Mendoza.

“ Che, he’s going to run zonda”, you hear some neighbor says. To whom another neighbor told it, who heard it from a lady in the queue of the supermarket who heard it in the morning news. And then, phone decomposed by, which perhaps was the possibility of winds mild southern sector, already for the good of our neighbor became: Zonda.

This is when the terror begins. The first thing is to grab the head and remember that we do not close the windows at home. Then it will be a sea of land when we get back. Then lock yourself in doors. Put the car away. It’s not going to be a thing that the dreadful wind pulls the branches of a tree and these smash the car.

Another attitude is the one taken in the face of physical activity: discarded. Even when you are on alert, and when statistics indicate that Most likely, it will never blow. But the baby didn’t go to train anymore or, including, the first teams suspend their matches.

They always look good. unemployed

The meteorologists. – When? – Yeah. The day after. It’s just that the night, the Zonda never blew, and then they say that “blew in height. He never went down to the plain.” Another typical phrase that lurks in the anecdotes of the Zonda wind. It means something like that air hot was suspended in the sky and never came down to our houses, streets, squares and cities. Then the temperature rose, but never blew the dreadful wind that barricaded us, in vain, all of us.

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