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Although in their origins almost all were cared for by Spanish  immigrants  (although they were born in Asturias, Catalunya, Andalusia or the Basque country received the nickname of & ldquo; Galician”), there is nothing more Argentine than the warehouse.

Why am I saying this? Because it is the only trade in the world! (maybe in Turkey they have something similar, I don't want to exaggerate either) that has a little bit of everything but nothing has much. Do you want rice? I have, just one brand. Nuts? Sure! Just 4 mm. Soda? Yeah, until the order arrives, I only had a grapefruit flavor. Candles? More was missing! I stayed from the red ones. It's usually a little more expensive than similar businesses, but it's the only one that saves us with 100 grams of cheese and 100 salami on a Sunday at three o'clock in the afternoon. He trust us even if he doesn't know us much and let us know which yogurt is at the limit of biohazard and better to eat something else.

There are no warehouses anywhere in the world. They miss it! We can buy everything without making the super's tail, we know the owner, his son and his grandson, and sometimes we even stayed to watch life pass, even for a little while, on the other side of the counter, while we eat some shameless olives. Invitation from the Galician, of course.

Francou General Ramos Warehouse

As we said, the history of the warehouses in Argentina is the story of the immigrants who populated our land. And a clear example of this is the  Almacén de Ramos Generales Francou , located in the  rural  area of the colony El Carmen 15 km from Villa Elisa, province of Entre Rios.

What is special about this warehouse, in addition to the typical products that we can find in any business of these characteristics?. It is a place that was founded in 1907 - as the entrance poster still outlines - by the Francou family, and today it is still in their hands. It never closed its doors, it was inherited from generation to generation for over a hundred years. And this is not all: the warehouse retains the essence of the time in which it was inaugurated. Shelves, spoons, a basement and even the drawers of the noodles - everything is intact and allows you to travel in time.

Such is the importance of this place as preservation of our own that the current owners, Olga Perroud and her husband, opened it to tourism almost ten years ago to be able to sustain it when the country area depopulated almost entirely. Tourists approach taking advantage of the proximity to the  Termas  de Villa Elisa and find this beautiful place that awaits them with empanadas, country picadas  and guided tours. In addition, visitors can go through the details of the place and be amazed at what was written in the notebooks in which sales were recorded from the local, decades ago: balances, accounts and documentation that transport us to the past in seconds.

Currently, Ramos Generales Francou is considered to be of cultural interest because it not only maintains the spirit of the area,   so cozy and country, but still occupies the role of being a meeting point. A social space within the rural community. It is common for people to go to drink beer or fernet with Coca in the evenings, achieving a very authentic environment in which they even arm trick games.

On the other hand, the Francou warehouse is a place for promotion and sale of products made by residents of the region. From sweets, liqueurs, cheeses, pickled eggplants and quail eggs to porcelain crafts. Everything that is done by the hands of the area and has country air has its place on these shelves and is welcome. The agrotechnical school also participates by exposing what they produce in their fields: honey, sausages, dairy.

There are few field storage left, and, without a doubt, none is as special as this.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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