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The two sides of the pandemic

While we applaud health personnel every night, many doctors, nurses and pharmacists are discriminated against by their own neighbors.

As we are
Las dos caras de la pandemia

Argentines are from extremes, opposing poles, radical positions. So, as we go out to the balcony every night  to applaud  doctors, nurses and health personnel , the people who are breastfeeding this battle against the  coronavirus , there are those who  discriminate and assault  those same people. The spirit of solidarity vs. he save whoever can.

Luckily, the second group is the least. But just the fact that they are some generates a lot of sadness. Because there are people who leave their home every morning and head to their workplace, where they risk their own integrity, their health, to try to save others. Than to do long shifts, coexist with stress and uncertainty, to help others. And when they get home back, they just want to rest. Just stop, the next day, keep going.

Posters, messages, threats against health professionals were repeated in several parts of the country in recent days.  “ Get out of the building,” “you're going to spread us all,” their own neighbors tell them. Others feel discrimination while walking down the street or getting on public transport.

For more gestures like this

Then there is the other side: those who value this work and give them a hand. This is the case of  Mayra Berón , a  nurse from the city of  Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires) who works in pediatric therapy at the Municipal Hospital Leónidas Lucero. The owner of the apartment she rents, who does not know her, learned that she worked as a nurse and wanted to give her a gift: she  won't charge her two months rent , to somehow collaborate with one of the many people who care for us.

Mayra posted the good news on her  Facebook :

Because you don't just have to post nasty things. Mercedes owns the apartment I rent in Bahía Blanca. Today she had this gesture with me knowing that I am a nurse, thank you for such a nice gift to me and wish there were more people like her! We're not taking anything to the drawer today... more than nice gestures like these!

Hopefully these gestures will be replicated, that we learn to value doctors, nurses and all those people who really make a difference.

Publication Date: 13/04/2020

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