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The tachero who walks you around.

The trout is to seize the opportunity, because undoubtedly the same tachero sometimes walks you and sometimes not.

As we are

Before moving forward with the column, I want to make a disclaimer: the   tachero  who  walks you is not an Argentine invention. It happened to me in virtually every country I visited. Sometimes it's a more jealous maneuver (I remember a taxi in Calcutta bending practically every corner, doing a zigzag that was about to give me dizziness) and sometimes more disguised, but perhaps the topic of the column is not an Argentine trout but we are already talking about a phenomenon of scale planetary, which, quite feasibly, we have imported at some point in our short but delicious history.

Made the clarification, now yes, I focus on the Argentines. I am lucky to have many foreign friends who most or less often come to the pampas to visit. Always (ALWAYS), when we are fixing the date when they come and what time will I be at home waiting for you with an asadito, I tell you that before getting on the taxi in Ezeiza they fix the  price  with the tachero. And here goes the real trout: when they fix it before, the price of the  trip  usually coincides, roughly, with the reference I passed to them beforehand. But when I forgot to tell them or they forgot to listen to my recommendation, they pay a fortune.

That is, the trout is to take the opportunity, because undoubtedly the same tachero sometimes walks you and sometimes not, it depends on whether you are a more or less awake  tourist  (obviously this includes the countrymen from the interior of the country, who come to know the city of Buenos Aires and we receive them in this way so little. honored). Good thing that when you are on vacation in a city you don't know, every experience, every moment spent on that land is enjoyable, because everything is new and attractive. Even   taxi  rides. The only bad thing is that you don't choose what you see. But that's another story.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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