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The soul of a girl who lives in Lanin

The imposing colossus observes the passage of time with his eternal snow. Lanin volcano, majestic witness of stories, today tells us his.

As we are

In the province of  Neuquén , next to the international crossing  Tromen , is located this colossus 3747 m high. Surrounded by valleys, lakes and mountains, the Lanín loses its gaze on the horizon of eternal snow. He treasures, among its lava and gas, stories from all times, including his own.

 The beginning of history 

 Legend  has it that hundreds of years ago the summit of  Lanín volcano was guarded by Pillán (an  evil god). It inhabited the summit of the colossus, from where he watched the mountains and watched over  nature . Even though he was a divinity of evil, he was vigilante and defended nature with nails and claws!

One afternoon, a group of  young Huaiquimiles  moved away from the tribe  to go hunting   huemules  . Of this animal, they consumed their flesh and also their skins, with which part of their coats and clothing were made. Finally, the odyssey for hunting them took them to the foothills of Lanín volcano. There their guardian watched them furiously.

 Seeing how they sacrificed  animals , the god Pillán lost his mind . He quickly transformed his anger into a big storm, and caused the volcano to throw lava, smoke, flames and ashes. He was looking to generate fear and terror in the tribe, and he did it!

 How to do to calm the waters? 

Concerned about the phenomenon caused by Pillán, the tribe decided to resort to the  wisdom  of the  eldest of the tribe . They wanted to know how to do to appease the wrath of this god! The sorcerer spent several days in a cave, thinking and rethinking what would be the best solution, until he finally found the answer. In great pain,  he told all the Huaiquimiles that they should sacrifice Hueilefun , the chieftain's youngest daughter.

Quechuan, the bravest young man of the tribe, was in charge of deceptively taking Hueilefun to the point indicated by the sorcerer: “The place where the most intense  winds  lived.”

There  among the rays and clouds of ashes that wrapped the Lanin volcano, a bird appeared.  He was a great Andean condor with bright eyes, defying the intensity of the wind with his acrobatic flight.  He quickly took the young  girl  and deposited her in the crater of the volcano. 

 Peace came white and silent 

As if by magic, a dense haze enveloped the colossus.  Peace came in the form of snow... white and copious . He covered the crater, extinguished the fire, and mysteriously sowed a tremendous eternal silence in that  landscape of mountains .  Huemules found more years of life, Hueilefun an eternal rest inside the volcano and the giant Lanin an eternal stillness. 

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Publication Date: 31/05/2020

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