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The roast is made with firewood!

In Mendoza, the roast is made with firewood. Made from genuine wood, no coal or other flammable inventions.

As we are
fuego asado

Mendoza, like all Argentines, eat roast, almost, since we were born. That smell, that flavor, the  folklore  of its preparation, the talks and meetings that are assembled around it. There are many seasonings that make roast one of the most traditional things in our DNA. However,  roast differs in some respects depending on the regions. Of course, it's essentially a piece of meat on a grill with embers below. But, those embers, what material do they come from?In this note we tell you why in Mendoza we do the roast with firewood  and why it is much better than doing it with charcoal. And richer.

Because of the aridity of our land,  dry and fallen trees abound in the few “forests” or sets of trees that adorn our vast territory.  That is why we have been able to take advantage of the circumstance and cut that wood to sell it as firewood. These are carob and poplars that serve to light fires with different objectives.

Depending on the type and size of firewood, this has different purposes. On the one hand,  the poplar is usually cut well finite, in table format, and serves to make a lot of flame , but there is little grill. It is ideal for cooking any  food to the disc , as it needs a powerful flame and permanent heat. However,  poplar firewood is not recommended for roasting because it does not make durable coals, which radiate very hot . Although yes, some combine poplar with carob so that the tablets of the first generate flame and end up lighting the second.

On the other hand,  in Mendoza there are the famous “tortas”. It is carob or quebracho wood  (which usually arrives from the north of the country) and serves to make the fire that is lit for heating. That is, for wood stoves or  salamanders .

 Roast with carob 

As we said, carob wood is what is used in Mendoza to make the roast. It is achieved in, absolutely, all the butchers, warehouses and supermarkets in the province. It's ideal. Easy to turn on, it makes durable embers with good heat radiation The taste that leaves meat is exceptional and there are no studies on any harmful effect it may cause.

The fire goes on and the show begins. A glass of red wine accompanies the ritual. Chat with friends or family, while the firewood burns. There are no sparks. With a well-run steakhouse, there's no problem with the smoke. Although you have to know how to choose. Packages usually come armed and sometimes in one of 5 or 10 kilos usually contain very thick trunks that never finish making embers.

 The anti-carbon 

That's how we are Mendoza.  Many have ever been on the Atlantic coast and have encountered the titanic task of setting fire with coal. We have crammed our wrists so much stirring the plastic stick next to the fire to generate a breeze that ends lighting the coal.  We have also used the technique of glass bottle and journal papers around. The truth is, we ended up setting the fire and eating the roast. But it's a lot of work.  Better firewood. And ours, not the one they sell there, which looks more like the cakes we talked about above . And we need to mention the  spark  show that coal does when it catches on. Definitely, no. To the Mendoza, give us the firewood.

Publication Date: 27/09/2020

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