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The return to the square

The particular custom of those living in the interior of the province of Santa Fe. A funny and healthy Sunday pastime: the return to the square.

Esperanza,  Sunchales , San Justo, Franck, San Carlos, Monte Vera, Laguna Paiva. Localities in the interior of Santa Fe. Different  idiosyncrasies , different migratory currents, different geographical and population sizes. But there is something they have in common. A particular Sunday custom: the return to the square.

 All these towns or  small towns, like the provincial capital, have their central square  , colonial-designed, around which the population spread. It is the typical town square, with its cathedral, the seat of the local government, the bank, some bar and probably a cultural space. On weekends there are  fairs  and events are held for the whole village. The annual festival of the city or commune is usually held there as well.

The inhabitants of these towns in the interior share a healthy,  funny and particular custom .On Sunday afternoon, everyone prepares mate or, depending on age and taste, buys some beer or soda and goes to the square. Some, they stay long hours sitting on the benches or sidewalks. But many others, especially those who drive, start second gear and go well slowly, almost by man's step, circling and more around the central block. If you are on a Sunday afternoon in a town of Santa Fe, stop a moment to look at the cars around the square and you will see that, for long periods of time, it is the same ones who have fun  hanging out around their place. 

A color fact to close:  the Santafesinos  of the capital make fun of this “pueblerina” custom, but, in the background,  we do more or less the same  . The only difference is that we replaced the square with the Costanera circuit. “Thing and the name people.”

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