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The dog's turn

The custom of own that becomes the hindrance of others. On the dog's return, malargüinos walk in their car by step as a man.

As we are

 Malargüe is the southernmost department in Mendoza. Its head villa, which bears the same name, is 352 kilometers from the  City of Mendoza .  It is a very cold village in winter, where the coldest temperatures in the country are generated on multiple occasions. In turn, in summer, it is usually hot. It offers a lot of tourist activities, which will be duly described on this site. However,  today we are dealing with a very special phenomenon: the return of the dog. 

 It takes place on Sunday afternoons . When the sun leaves us and the night is getting the firmament. At that time,  the average tourist , who spent the whole day on excursion in the  Cave of Witches  or in the Castles of Pincheira, predisposes to go out for a tour around the city and, perhaps, sit down and eat something.  He gets out in his car, takes San Martin Street and there's a very long line.  “ It will be the traffic light...”, some think. “There will have been an accident,” another concludes.

 Literally, the tail advances by man's step. At that time, the  driver  warns that there is only a row in the lane he is on, on the right of the street . Then wait for the moment, it opens and begins to surpass. And, to your surprise, the tail stretches for 2, 3 or 4 blocks. Until he gets to the  car  that heads the entourage. There's no accident, no traffic light, there's nothing that makes him slow down.  That's when the tourist discovers that all those vehicles are turning the dog around. 

back from the dog 

You don't know where the name came from, but it's a  Malargüe classic.  Neighbors leave in their cars, alone or accompanied. They reach the main street and slow down , look out the window, some seek to be watched. That's the weekend's plan.  Go out and watch what they see every day, but with the lenses and optics that  melancholy  supposes on a Sunday afternoon.  

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Publication Date: 07/06/2020

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