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The “quartetena”

In Cordoba they do “quartetena”, not quarantine. We tell you what preventive measures are all about to make a real quartetena.

As we are

That's what we are, we put everything  quartet and humor.   Between jokes,  ferneteadas  and asaditos, we pass the quarantine. Always respecting the measures of  Social, Preventive and Compulsory Isolation (ASPO).   The musician Agustín Druetta grabbed the Creole  and began to sing. He listed all the prevention actions that Cordobeses took in order to make a quiet  quarantine  . And don't make it a pocket. With you, the  quartetena .

This is a song  with a quartet rhythm  that tells us how to live quarantine if you are Cordobés, among those things, they name things that can not be missing to have more or less good. Like fernet,  asau  or chori. But everyone is also encouraged to stay in their homes. Promoting awareness, humor and fun.

Agustín was part of different musical projects, always putting it the best vibe. With the creativity that only a  Cordovan musician  can get to have.  Ole Blando, the cousins of Bigornia and Los Biorsis  are some of the names that had their groups. He currently resides in Spain, about a year ago. He crossed the puddle to  make his art known  and live what he is most passionate about: music.

Before  COVID-19  grabbed him in foreign lands, he took out passage to visit his family and friends. However, a stopover in Uruguay forced him to quarantine in Uruguay, and in full solitude and isolation, he was invaded by  a wave of creativity.   Thinking about what he would do in a quarantine with his friends and friends from Cordoba, this  quarteazazo arose: 

 The lyrics 

The quartetena, the quartetena


the cordobese tamo doing the quartetena

, the quartetena, mother, quartetena,

putting quartet vamo to do the quartetena.

As the coronavirus came to this side,

I buy gel alcohol,

buy 10 kilos of  helau,  

  what a culiau!  

How crazy people are,

emptied the supermarket,

pa' do quarantine bought fernet and roast.

The bag fell, fell the Merval,

climbed the fernet with coca, the chori and the Sertal,


La quarantine mama,

the quartetena

all the cordobese tamo doing the quartetena

Pasamo the dengue (survivimo)

the crazy cow (survivimo)

flood (survivimo)

the burundanga (survivimo)

tele mania (survivimo)

the police (survived)

the flu A and this also vamo a pasá As the coronavirus came to

this side,

 metámono a la cá, and I did not seamo so culiau.  

On Saturday there is no dance and football ta parao',


 stayed in the house' took it' a pritiado.  

With the family do not have to fight

quietly with desserts

and loosen to the cell phone

La quartetena mama,

the quartetena

all the cordobese tamo doing the quartetena (x2)


Publication Date: 30/03/2020

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