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The quartet is from the Foal

From many parts of the country, our extensive musical repertoire is reduced to Potro Rodrigo. But he's not the only one in our hearts.

As we are

When you talk about a Cordovan, you talk about quartet and fernet. However, the cultural plurality that inhabits the entire area of the territory is often forgotten. Not only do we drink fernet, we also make artisanal liqueurs with our native herbs, for example. Or we produce infusions, desserts and regionalmeals . In recent times, we developed a wide variety of craft beers from Cordovan seal. However, the Cordovan is equal to fernet. Just as the whole menu of cordobeses cocktails is reduced to fernet, the whole quartteapot industry is reduced to Potro Rodrigo.

And, to tell the truth, Rodrigo is not so heard in these lands. He's admired, yes. Remembered and revered, yes. For his career, for his triumph, his charisma and his tragic ending. However, the Cordoba quartet has a wide range of options that do not include it.

The imaginary that you have on the Cordobes is taking arremangau in the sidewalk, listening to the Foal. But I don't. The playlists that are heard in the barracks houses are much wider than those hits of the 90s. La Mona, La Konga, Dale Q Va, Chipote, La Banda de Carlitos, Damián Córdoba and many more artists.


However, Rodrigo's national fame meant that the imaginary of the Cordovan quartet was reduced to him and his songs. To his rhythms, to the eight forty and “I seek a love” . Her smile and her colored hairs. But we Cordobeses reneged a little bit of that. Since the idea that the Potro and his music installed on the quartet is quite hegemonic. The quartet, for us, is something else. It's not a song in a wedding, it's not a single song. The quartet feels, you live at every dance. The quartet leads you to worship musicians who fill your soul and make you vibrate. To have temples like Sergeant Cabral. To ritualize a moment, coordinate it and schedule it week by week. The quartet is to follow your favorite band dance to dance, all around the province.

If you don't It's from the Pony, whose is it?

That is why, although the Foal is recognized, we Cordoba have a slightly different imaginary, and above all broader, about our music and how it lives.

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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