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The quartet is from the Colt

From many parts of the country, our extensive musical repertoire is reduced to the Colt Rodrigo. But he's not the only one in our hearts.

As we are

When you talk about a Cordovan, you talk about   quartet and fernet   . However, it is often forgotten   cultural plurality   which inhabits the entire extent of the territory. We not only take fernet, we also make handmade liqueurs with our native herbs, for example. Or we produce infusions, desserts and regional meals. In the last time, we developed a wide variety of craft beers of Cordovan stamp, but Cordovan is the same as fernet. As well as   is it reduced   the whole menu of cocktails cordobeses to the fernet, the whole quarteapot industry is reduced to the Rodrigo Colt.

And, to tell the truth, Rodrigo is not so heard in these lands. He's admired, yes. Remembered and revered, yes. For his career, his triumph, his charisma and his tragic ending. However, the Cordovan quartet has a   wide range of options   which do not include it.

The imaginary you have about Cordobés is taking   arremangau   on the sidewalk, listening to the Colt. But no. The playlists that are heard in the quarteteras houses are much wider than those   hits from the 90's   . La Mona, La Konga, Dale Q Va, Chipote, The Band of Carlitos, Damian Cordoba   and many more artists   .


However, Rodrigo's national fame made   the imaginary of the Cordovan quartet   be reduced to him and his songs. At their rhythms,   “eight forty”   and   “I'm looking for a love”   . To his smile and his colorful hairs. But we Cordobese deny a little bit of that. Since the idea that the Colt and his music installed on the quartet is quite   hegemonic   . The quartet, for us, is something else. It's not a song in a wedding, it's not a single song. The quartet feels,   is it lived in every dance   . The quartet leads you to venerate musicians who fill your soul and make you vibrate. To have temples like   Sergeant Cabral   . AT   ritualize a moment   , coordinate and schedule it week by week. The quartet is to follow your favorite band dance to dance, all around the province.

  If it's not from the Colt, whose is it?  

Therefore, while the Colt is recognized, we Cordobese have a slightly different, and above all broader imaginary about our music and how we live it. The triumph of the Colt nationwide, and above all the fame it won   in Buenos Aires   , is far from   the cordovan reality   . Rodrigo is still the face of the quartet, narrated by others. If we Cordobeses wrote our own story, we would recognize the Colt as a character who made our culture visible. But he does not represent it in its entirety. The quartet, ask any Cordovan, is from la Mona. And from a thousand more bands, the quartet is   ritual, dance and culture   . It's popular. And it doesn't respond to any closed imaginary. It is reinvent at every step, with new unfinished personalities that   draw our identity to the sound of this music   .

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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