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The Odyssey of Parenthood Quarantine

The pandemic took us by surprise and today it is our turn to stay at home with the boys and
As we are
oy nos toca quedarnos en casa
| 23 March, 2020 |

“ Hello! I am the coronavirus”: this was the name of a PDF that started circulating in WhatsApp groups in some kindergartens. It was a kind of illustrated tale, which invited parents to give their children a “friendlier” explanation about that virus that is so much talked about on TV and little know about. A good first resource for family quarantine!

Not to the garden, not to the school. Not to the pool, not to the square

Mass activities are suspended and we must protect ourselves in home with our children. It’s not holidays, it’s precautions. But what? we do so many days locked up? After the first 48 hours at home, the toys start to become boring — and even, in some cases, insufficient— TV fights begin to become more frequent, the Internet servers start to collapse, and we start walking — as they say — “through the walls.”

The situation leads adults to go back to their childhood, to resort to old resources that their parents used to entertain them. More manual and creative gameplay and fewer Netflixcartoons and movies. The hiding places with blankets, the booklets with activities, the books to paint and the stories illustrated and narrated by an adult resurface as alternatives to entertain the little ones at home.

We can rescue some board games like the Goose, the Pictionary, the Mind Race, the Game of Life, the checkers, some deck of cards or the general. These are ideal proposals for family quarantine, without telephones or telephones involved.

The odyssey of not having routines

The happiness of spending 24 hours as a family turns into a great but beautiful odyssey. Who prepares lunch? Who’s the turn to play or put the toys together? Who bathes first? Or who takes the dog out? are some of the routines that are lost with the cessation of activities. Thus, those little things that we had organized were left to the free will of the one who took the post.


important thing is not to lose calm, to divide the activities and care for the little ones. In coronavirustime, seeking family balance does not seem to be an easy task. However, it is a great opportunity to share more time with our children, chat more time with our partners, take care of each other and spend more time with the family. Today #nosquedamosencasa.

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