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The North of the Argentines... or upside down...

How would the Argentines be if we were in the north of the planisphere?

Many times, in search of answers about how we are Argentines and why, I wondered what we would be like if we were north of the planisphere. The question is valid both for our country and our  neighbouring countries , with which we share various sociocultural, political and economic characteristics : Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil,  Uruguay . Probably, if we were countries in the north, everything would be different.

From a work by Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García, I could appreciate many qualities typical of our place in the world: the south. The artist's image shows the South American continent completely turned. Where it would be, as we know it, the south (with Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, as the southernmost city) is located in the  north , and vice versa. The interesting thing is to think south in the north and north in the south, with everything that implies.

This imaginary look has allowed me to understand that, thanks to not being “at the center of the world”, we live in lands that are far away from serious geopolitical conflicts (oil wars, nuclear conflicts or major techonologies). At the same time, we are exempt from the great drawbacks that nature presents to us from climate changes (earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, etc.). As well as, we have the advantage of having a large territorial extension, with a varied climate supply and enormous natural wealth, combined with integration because they are a people with diversity of cultures, opening borders, immigrations, languages and tolerance to differences.

However, we cannot ignore that being considered as “underdeveloped” or “developing” third world countries, we suffer a lot of disadvantages compared to the countries of the north. Specific examples of this may be child malnutrition rates, high unemployment rates, poor social mobility, number of people without access to basic needs such as food, education and clothing, among thousands of others. The countries of the south generally agree that they have a large natural capacity, as we said before, because of their territorial diversity and climates. No one will deny that Argentina could be a world power if we only took into account our field, flora and  fauna . However, we are in a position of dependence in relation to countries that live on our raw materials, because they are the ones that have capital, with money: those in the north (Canada, United States).

It is interesting to look at Torres García's work and think about another possible world. One in which the balance of opportunities between countries is more balanced and not a few who move the threads of the planet. Let it not be “a hundred mouths eat, look a thousand”, that there is a fair redistribution of wealth in every sense. I ask too much, don't I? . But I'm not alone: we can see this illusion reflected in thousands of artistic expressions, in the literature by Eduardo Geleano, in music and in the mouth of other thinkers. The band No Te Va a Gustar, also Uruguayan, says in their song “No hay dolor”:

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, I tell you, I'm
going to look at each other's faces.

The north is not going to be upstairs, it's going to be all south
they're not going to bleed the hands of those few anymore.

Can we contemplate, at least in our imagination, the possibility that the hands of others will ever bleed? I invite you to reflect. To look inside about this variable, to assess why we are as we are. And, perhaps, to be more pious to ourselves.

Or can you imagine a Canadian  tying everything with wire ?

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