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The New York Times touches our hearts

I know the opinion that a tourist took from our country when he visited us in 2001.

As we are
The following is a readers' note published by the New York Times back in 2001. Written by John Broome, a Californian tourist who had just returned from his visit to our country, may leave us thinking a little about how Argentines are, especially how painful his comments remain more current than ever almost twenty years later. WAKE UP ARGENTINA! Looking at its capital with its cobblestone streets, magnificent boulevards and majestic parks with profusion of statues and miles after miles of huge buildings, we understand that it can compete with any city in the world. We can see that they have a magnificent country, with unique and unrepeatable natural places. His men are cordial, friendly, elegant and very gracefully. Her women are beautiful and elegant, inheritance of a past full of glamour and excellent education, which seem lost. Its wines, their meats, their skins, their grains, their desserts, are all of the highest quality. Its football, basketball, rugby, tennis players, gymnasts, swimmers, car and motorcycle drivers and their polists are of the first magnitude. Psychologists, doctors, architects, engineers, advertisers, sellers of the best in the world. Writers, filmmakers and artists of international prestige. Its history and culture could be studied by other peoples and taken as an example. WAKE UP ARGENTINA! Where is self-confidence? Where has he gone? Where are the crowds of tourists participating in what you can offer, leaving your money to help your economy? The possibility is everywhere. Why not in Argentina? Where are your wines, meats and leather goods in the US and other markets around the world? I can't find them! Chilean articles yes. But not Argentines. Why? WAKE UP ARGENTINA! Know how to sell what you can offer, be prosperous as they were in the past. Clean your streets and erase your graffiti. Show your tourists what they really are. You guys are better than corruption. The official who steals from public money must be considered a common offender. Put him in jail, he's killing his economy and stealing his pride as a country. Demand that public accounts be public over the Internet, and corruption and corrupt will go home to see that politics is not the scope to steal. WAKE UP ARGENTINA! You are better than a corrupt banana republic. I have had the privilege of staying in Argentina for a long time. I love Argentina and I love the Argentines. Get up like rugbiers do when they fall and stand up again and proudly. Share with the world what they really are. Share what you've shared with me. WAKE UP ARGENTINA! PLEASE!

Publication Date: 08/12/2018

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By: Roberto Antonio 08 December, 2018

es turista y yo lo agradezco: hace un tiempo atrás un escritor latino americano dijo: "en mi juventud, argentina, era nuestro sueño" ese país era nuestra meta, para muchos latinos americanos sigue siendo, la falta de educación cambio la historia. Quienes tuvimos la suerte de tener padres que sin tener primaria nos inculcaron el verbo APRENDER y EDUCARSE, ellos lo aprendieron porque hoy no pasa lo mismo: Sarmiento nos dijo: "un ignorante es mas peligroso que un delincuente"

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