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The quartit of the background

The bottom room has to do with that ability to get out of step with what we have and continue in spite of everything.

As we are
El cuartito del fondo

Nothing is thrown away, everything is reused.

In a time when “letting go” is so fashionable, Argentines enter into a dilemma because of a habit that is firmly rooted in our  idiosyncrasy : keeping. In every house, there is always the shed, the placar, the piecita or the room in the bottom where everything that is not useful is stored, but at some point  we may need .  Nothing is thrown away, everything is reused.  From screws and nails of all sizes, to the home appliance boxes that no longer serve a while ago, to “the little thing” that can be useful just to assemble some other device that we inherited from a neighbor.

With a story full of swings, we are used to everything can be useful tomorrow, because you never know what the future can bring. These circumstances gave us the possibility to exploit our ingenuity to the fullest and helped us develop the ability to do a lot with little. This is why there is never a lack, too, lifting objects on the street that we think may have potential at some point. Of course, these objects are going to stop in the quartit. And the person who got rid of him, surely did it because he no longer got things into his own quartit, and because he knew that, immediately, another Argentine would take it to keep giving him life.

Always swimming in cloudy waters

Our experience has taught us to live in a state of permanent  crisis  , to adapt easily to different scenarios, to face what is coming and going forward. There's always a way. Living constantly on the edge of the precipice helped us enhance our creativity and increase our resources infinitely. We look for everything around and use: food, technology that does not work well, old clothes, electronic devices. It's not about being accumulators, grabbed or not having read enough Marie Kondo, the guru of home order. It is about the possibility of adapting to whatever comes with the weapons we have at hand.

And it's not that we want to be “chantas”, that is, we want to solve things quickly (precarious, but quickly) without spending an extra weight. This need not to throw anything out of case we need it to get out of the urgency, to achieve a “meanwhile” and then, in the best scenario, look for a definitive solution. Because if the solution is so provisional, sooner or later we will be forced to face the same problem we are starting from, perhaps worsened over time. Just, many times, circumstances don't allow us to stop on this.

The bottom room has to do with that ability to get out of step with what we have at hand and continue in spite of everything. Despite crises, dictatorships, hyperinflation or playpen. Despite floods or forest fires. In times of skinny cows or fat cows. With 1 to 1 in Miami or with the dollar at 18 pesos. We always find a way to continue the path with our  ingenuity  and creativity, our great allies. Because we know that surrendering is not an option, that if we drop ourselves and our loved ones, no ruler or political party will stand up for us. We're aware that, anyway, we're going to settle. Because we have no choice. And, as much as this hostile context is at times a sadness, it also makes us who we are and sets us apart from the rest of the world.  And the Argentine is, first of all, a survivor.  


Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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