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The incredible sabalero phenomenon

Colón and Los Palmeras surprised becoming a trending topic of 2019. The story of the hit Soy Sabalero, a rage on radios and balls.

As we are

There are two stories that are easy to tell, linear and, more or less, known by All:

Colón de Santa Fe reached the Final of the Copa Sudamericana and, despite losing it, was remembered by the massive mobilization of 40,000 followers of the sabalero.

The Palm trees, one of the most important tropical ensembles on the continent, reclaimed another great success by reverting their own song “Soy parrandero” with a lyrics alluding to Colón, team with the one that always identified themselves. The commercial success was major.

What is the is difficult to explain is the cultural phenomenon that those two stories generated.

The word “Columbus” was among the most sought after on Google last year, rubbing shoulders with “Sergio Denis”, “elections” or “Natacha Jaitt”.

There was a girl who, newly born, was officially registered in the civil registry like “Aeea.” Yeah, yeah, yeah . That's his name. No Soledad, no Marina, no Ximena, no Karen. Aeea: as the chorus of the song of Los Palmeras: “Aeea, yo soy sabalero”.

The another day I was sent a video of an aquatic complex in Entre Ríos, where They're all fans of River or Boca. One Saturday afternoon, with hundreds of people enjoying the pools, suddenly sounds “I'm Sabalero”. Total out of control. All jumping and singing. And the same is repeated with discos throughout the country, and even from other parts of Latin America.

An almost unusual success

We are Speaking of Columbus, ladies and gentlemen. A team from the interior of the country that never won a professional championship and doesn't usually appear in the mainstream media.

We are talking about Los Palmeras. A group of cumbia that, although very popular, plays a music that has nothing to do with the trends of reggaeton, the trap, the indie or electronics.

What do you mean? was what caused everyone to suddenly go crazy when it sounds “aeea, I'm a sabalero”?

I do. I think it 's identifying with the poor, with whom he sacrifices himself, with whom he goes far by means of effort. Is there any compassion? It might be. But healthy. That afternoon, everyone, absolutely. all Argentines wanted Columbus to win the game. Many did not know that, sportsmanship, the team was very far from its rival, which was just winner. But perhaps that also affected the sympathy that the sabalero, which comes from one of the poorest neighborhoods of Santa Fe generated millions of people.

Columbus can return to participate in a similar instance, in sports? Perhaps Yeah, maybe not.

Are the Palmeras will continue to make massive hits? Maybe yes, maybe not.

What remains no doubt is that “I am sabalero” became another phenomenon that is already part of Argentine.

Publication Date: 22/02/2020

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By: Lucrecia Freyre 22 February, 2020

Qué bueno!! Cómo refleja esta realidad increíble para muchos que no conocen la pasión por el Rojinegro, ni por la música que los identifica y representa

By: Alicia Guastoni 22 February, 2020

Coincido. Excelente comentario sobre la pasión sabalera y el ya famoso Aeea! que describen al pueblo santafesino desde un ángulo muy particular: el deporte y la música popular.

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