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The haunted house of the South Quarter

Get to know the history of the haunted house of the city of Santa Fe. Watching her at night causes chills. A place surrounded by legends.

As we are
Casa embrujada de Santa Fé

In the south of the city of Santa Fe, according to many neighbors, there is a haunted house. The building is located on the southeast corner that forms the intersection of Gobernador Freyre streets and February 3. The heart of the South Quarter, one of the most traditional of the provincial capital.

I do not know if it is because of the halo of mystery that surrounds her, so many legends, but it is true that, when passing the night, it is scary to look at the house. Although it has a very interesting architecture , the gloom gives it a gloomy look. I personally attest that, although it is believed to be uninhabited years ago, sometimes a small light peeps out through the little window of the door.

There are so many legends of the haunted house that occurred to me to make a compendium of everything that is said.

Miscellaneous Rumors

  • In the times of the last dictatorship they kept a person captive.
  • In the great flood that Santa Fe suffered in 2003, as was the case with many buildings that were not used, some flooded wanted to use it as a shelter. They couldn't stay. The house itself threw them out.
  • A few years ago they would have bought it, and it needed to make a lot of spare parts. The hired masons abandoned the work because they felt “weird things”. It 's
  • often rented by some real estate. The posters last for days, unfailingly returning to abandonment.

But there is another story of this haunted house that has more detail and is certainly tragic. The story is recounted in first person Pocho Rueda, a historic neighbor of the neighborhood

The most coherent, and sad version

I met her inhabited, with her windows open and the sun entering through them. I've seen the girls who lived there, when they watered the plants with flowers, pruning, going in and out, going to school and coming back laughing and making comments. I met their wooden floors, waxed and carpeted, with stairs and turned railings, garden to the front, protected by high iron bars.

Some said that noises were only heard when passing the tram, as if the passage of such a heavy vehicle were driven by some piece anchored under the rails, but it was also said that noises were heard at night, and at times when the tram did not pass by.
Until one day came the family “C....” with many children of different ages. The father said, in an optimistic way, that among so many boys, ghosts and goblins, nothing could cope with so much positive energy. But one day one of the eldest daughters of that marriage was in the United States with her husband, when she received a letter informing her that one of her twin brothers had died, hit by a truck.

It was a heavy summer afternoon in 1970. I found myself taking a nap of ours... my mother woke me up and gave me the sad news.

It happened playing on the sidewalk, the tricycle went to the street and the boy tried to climb it, but the truck driver did not notice what was happening, he continued to advance... the neighbors were as possessed by a crazy rage and shouted at him, he looked at them without understanding. Someone followed him and reached him near the Military District; when they explained it to him, he got out of the vehicle and started to shake his head against the chassis walls, interned him and within a few days.

Publication Date: 25/04/2020

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By: Luisina 25 April, 2020

Me encantó!! Muy completo este informe!

By: Mercedes 26 April, 2020

Buenísima esta nota!!!!! Mieeeeedddoooooo

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