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Good vibes are contagious (and bad too)

Getting on a collective in Buenos Aires is often an adventure.

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La buena onda es contagiosa (y la mala también): la aventura de subirse a un bondi en Buenos Aires

Getting on a  collective  in Buenos Aires is often an adventure. But, if it is not always a pleasant experience for passengers, imagine what is left for those responsible for handling that means of transport.

Collective drivers are famous for malhumorados, and it is true that some representatives of the guild collaborate with this characterization through their somewhat hostile attitudes towards passengers and drivers of other vehicles. But it is also real that the environment in which they have to survive does not contribute to friendly spirits.

The collective — or  bondi , as we like to call it — has the particularity of having large dimensions, which complicates the task of its driver. Maneuvers are not easy, let alone in a city that lives permanently bottled. Sitting in our cars, little ones, we see how the collective bends, brakes, accelerates and switches lanes with an enviable, but dangerous skill.

Let's add that he must respect the stops, place on the machine the amount that passengers request, deal with people who are not at their best and do not give him a greeting and, in rush hours, drive a full bus in cruel traffic.

Therefore, it is important to understand that whoever manages the collective is providing a service, good or bad, but service at last. Tomorrow, instead of climbing bad wave to bondi, let's give a “good morning” and a smile to our collectivero on duty. Who tells you, maybe we'll change his day.

word of bondi

The collective or  bondi  is the preferred means of transport for the inhabitants of the cities of Argentina, especially in the metropolises such as Buenos Aires, La Plata or Rosario. Whatever the area, there are typical phrases in the world of this vehicle that if you never heard them, you never got on.

 “ A step back there is place” 

This prayer is stated by the collectivero when passengers are piled up at the door or in the middle of the collective. This causes people waiting at the  stop to be unable to enter due to apparent lack of place. This tendency of passengers to stay very close can be related to the fear of stopping - especially if they are not used to the area - or to the comfort of walking. However, these decisions generate the opposite effect and end up being a discomfort for all passengers and for the collectivero, too.

 “ A seat for the lady who has a baby” 

In all groups there are seats reserved specifically for people with reduced mobility, older adults, pregnant or people carrying a baby in their arms. However, it is quite common for some passengers who do not meet these characteristics to take such places. And not just that. It is often that they are not immuted at the arrival of an older lord, a lady with a cane, a mother with her son. It is at that time that the collectivero, in addition to fulfilling his task of bringing them to destination, must ask that those passengers stop being distracted and give up the seat that corresponds to others.

 “ Viamonte is cut, I do Riobamba-Cordoba-Callao” 

You sure use the same bus line years ago to go to the office, every day at the same time and from the same stop. You know the  journey  by memory. But it may happen that one morning the street will force you to change the routine. It is very common that the road is forced to be modified either by some manifestation, light cut in the area, broken traffic lights or by some event on the public roads. Luckily, we have our faithful collectivero who tells us where he will go by exception so that we do not despair.

 “ It takes you the other branch, comes behind me.” 

When we take a collective to go to a place for the first time, we're likely to be unsafe. Even if we've fixed the route a thousand times on the map, we need one final confirmation that we're doing things right. That is why, before we climb a bondi on a line that we don't usually frequent, we ask the collectivero if it takes us to this or that street. We're usually lucky and yes, that  bondi  takes us. But other times, we miss him because of a little hair and we don't stop the right branch. Luckily we have the goodwill and kindness of the collectivero who not only informs us what is the precise branch, but also reassures us by telling us that it is about to arrive.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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