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The fifth leg

When things seem simple, Argentines are suspicious.

As we are
When things seem simple, Argentines are suspicious: we always give them one more twist. Phrases like "the fifth leg to the cat" or "the hair to the egg" say a lot about us. And we say them a lot. He looks for the fifth leg to the cat (or the hair to the egg) who argues for insignificant questions, who notices details that are not important, who looks for defects or problems where there are none. He looks for the fifth paw to the cat the one who mistrusts for too much, the one who doubts everything, the one who sees inconveniences even in the simplest things. We are complicated, it is not easy to please ourselves and we are used to think badly because of doubts. We find it hard to relax and accept that everything is simply fine. But perhaps it is that constant state of alert that keeps us walking, active, sagacious. Always looking a little further. Maybe that's why we're creative, restless, curious. Maybe that's why we never run out of resources or answers. We will have to continue, then, looking for the cat's fifth leg. We will have to see if, finally, we find that hair in the egg. But in the meantime, let's enjoy when things are easy, when they go well, when the universe simply aligns and there's nothing to worry about.

Publication Date: 17/10/2018

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