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The danger of fanaticism

It's not to say we didn't see him coming.

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It circulates a video on the networks (I love the syntagma “networks” as something almost abstract, which does not matter the people who actually constitute them) in which a meeting is seen (will mass be said?) of the people who attend the evangelical temple of Corrientes Avenue, in the city of Buenos Aires. While it is one of the best known, the movement has been present throughout the country for many years. These pastors in particular have Brazilian origin, but I do not doubt that there must be from all latitudes and, of course, many of them Argentines. But I want to stop in the detail that these are Brazilians, they'll see why. He said, a video is circulating on the networks in which in the middle of the mass appears an army (that is the word they use) called “Gladiators of the altar.” This army has a uniform (military green shirt included) and they walk in making noise with its heels, like any parade that stands for it. At the moment they have no weapons, but given the latest statements by the Minister of Security of the Nation, I do not know how long they will remain unarmed. According to the same organization, the purpose of the religious army is to “serve God on the altar”, “to make all your youth and your life, your present and your future at God's disposal.” The motivation video announcer states that “they will give up many things to be prepared by God” and closes with the phrase, somewhat apocalyptic, “they will make hell tremble.” Why was he saying the importance of this particular organization being Brazilian? Because recently, the Latin American brothers chose a candidate who, as a minimum, is somewhat eccentric, and, pulling out the filter from me, is an insane fascist. And he came to power by a combination that personally terrified me: media plus armed forces (he himself is an effective retreat member) and, here is the detail, a very important support from religious movements. I think you need to be careful when fans multiply, because when they get a significant number they are very difficult to stop. Then it doesn't mean we didn't see him coming.

Publication Date: 11/11/2018

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By: Monica 16 November, 2018

Medio tomado de los pelos tu comentario...mezcla de ignorante con animo de ridiculizar. Asi opinan los que tienes esa "intencion".

By: Monica 16 November, 2018

Tienen...ningun dato certero...ningun fundamento...solo comentarios ciudadana argentina evangelica e instruida...sirvo a Dios sirviendo a la comunidad...porque serian fanaticos los evangelicos???

By: Hipolito Azema 06 December, 2018

Estimada Mónica, yo no dije que los evangélicos son fanáticos. Dije que ESTOS evangélicos son fanáticos. ¿Todos los muslmanes son terroristas? Desde ya que no. ¿Todos los católicos forman parte de la inquisición? No. El problema nunca está en las religiones. Está en los fanatismos. Por otro lado, la relación entre Bolsonaro y las iglesias evangélicas brasileñas es indiscutible. Y la relación entre Bolsonaro y las armas también es indiscutible. Entonces, ver un video de un "ejército religioso" (insisto en que la palabra es de ellos, no mía) en pleno Almagro, teniendo en cuenta la coyuntura de la región, me parece, por lo menos, inquietante. ¡Saludos y gracias por su respuesta!

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