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The Cordovan: humility first of all

If there is one thing we know about Cordoba, it is that it is enlarged as few. Humility doesn't exist there. We show you what the legends of the internet say.

As we are

 Legends that are part of popular knowledge,  by way of sayings, sayings and jokes tell us how they see us in Cordoba. Or how do we see ourselves? In short, we make it clear that  humility does not exist in Cordoba.And that humor is our pillar, our religion, our essence .  If you want to laugh at the lack of humility of Cordoba, and envy this town a little, I continued reading.

  • The Cordovan doesn't pay attention, he gives it away.
  • The Cordovan put in dollars, and he got dollars.
  • When the Cordovan leaves his partner, he says, “It 's not me, it's you .”
  • The Cordovan is also valid in Buenos Aires  and Mendoza .
  • Cordovan is subject and preached at the same time.
  • If the Cordovan watches the tape of  La llamada , seven days later the baby dies from the well.
  • The Cordovan is not to the right of God the Father, God sits to him.
  • Cordovan elm gives pears.
  • The Cordovan can count to infinity, the other way around.
  • Cordovan taught Cortázar to play Rayuela.
  • What La Drotita sticks only the Cordovan can take it off.

 Do you want me, Ma? 

  •  Forrest Gump  's entire film is based on anecdotes from Cordoba.
  • Cordovan eats Milanese, and knows its truth.
  • The Cordovan went to the dark side of the Moon, came back, and brought memories for the family.
  • When Santa Claus comes out to deliver, he asks a Cordovan for GPS. Cordovan
  • is the only human being who can lick his elbow.
  • The Cordovan burns with milk,  sees a cow and  poops with laughter.
  • When a Cordovan buys Variety cookies, they come all nuggets and mini Melba...
  • The Cordovan, when he finds the black hole,  paints it of boteia green .
  • The Cordovan goes to infinity, thickens it and returns.
  • Batman has cordovan pajamas
  • ,
  • the cordovan made the mosquito work for the blood bank.

Publication Date: 25/07/2020

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