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The conurban area also exists

Mauro Albarracín is an unconventional tourist: he travels around the city of Buenos Aires and is a furor on YouTube. We tell you his story.

As we are

 Sightseeing  does not always involve a long-distance airplane or micro. You don't even need a car, or go that far. That shows us  Mauro Albarracín , an unconventional tourist who makes trips around the  city of Buenos Aires . That's right: he does not travel abroad or to other provinces. He doesn't even move around the city to visit the most typical neighborhoods.

Mauro travels through  Greater Buenos Aires : Quilmes, Florencio Varela, Moreno, Morón, Santos Places, La Lucila, Ciudad Evita, Martinez, Ituzaingó. It reaches there by   collective  and is dedicated to knowing the particularities and the typical sites of each place. Accompanied by a  friend  or local guide, walk the streets, visit iconic businesses, try meals. And he uploads all that to his  YouTube channel,  Les Amateurs .

At the age of 22,  Mauro  lives in  San Justo  , a match of La Matanza, and defines himself as “  the Marley of the Conurban  ”. His YouTube channel already records nearly 200 videos and is a furor. His followers comment, provide information and make suggestions. For a few months ago, he managed to live from this: tourism around the  conurban  is today a full-time job for him.

In the shade of the porteños

 Mauro Albarracín  comes to claim that strip that surrounds the City of Buenos Aires  and lives a little in the shade of it. Those who live in the  conurbano  (especially those who live in the western and southern neighborhoods) are not  Buenos Aires  , but we interact with them every day. And it is hard for us to explain to them that no, that it is not so far; that yes, that we take two collectives to get everywhere, but that is not so serious. That our  neighborhood  has its charm and its people, and all those things that make it special for us.

Mauro takes care of showing all that.  Because the conurban also exists .

Publication Date: 20/10/2019

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