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The city of the roundabouts

Traffic laws vary depending on where we are. If you're coming to Mendoza, you have to know who has passed through the roundabouts. Especially because there are many.

The backbone of traffic laws is the same throughout the country. We could even say that  there are basic rules that are the same throughout the world . That is, cars walk down the street, the red traffic light indicates that you have to stop and at night you have to walk with the lights on. With a few small exceptions, those rules are the same for everyone. However,  there are some situations that arise daily for motorists and which, depending on the current jurisdiction, we have to do one thing or the other . That's the case with the roundabouts. Who's got a step?

In Mendoza, the State has built more and more roundabouts. At many intersections where there were previously traffic lights, there are now roundabouts.  Many are famous and traditional such as the airplane roundabout, the gaucho roundabout,  the roundabout of the continents , the roundabout of the horses of Marly, among others.   As their names indicate, in the center of them there are fountains, statues and monuments that make them real tourist attractions.

A tool

However, roundabouts, in essence, are a very useful road tool for ordering traffic. The problem arises when, as motorists, we arrive and we don't know who's going through. It is very typical to warn those who still do not know what the law says about it because it arrives, brakes to zero, look, he threatens to move forward, he brakes again, look through the mirror to see if the one in the back is impatient and finally, when absolutely no one comes, he advances. And, in short, that is the right thing in practice because  , in Mendoza, the one that is inside the roundabout passes.  

 At the entrance of a roundabout we must leave the passage to those who are circulating through it, regardless of whether, obviously, we are on your right.  The step is always the vehicle that is making the circle.

 Accidents at the roundabout 

Because they don't know who has passed through, or because of the stupid vividness of some, the postcard of  two cars braked in the middle of a roundabout, with their owners standing on the street, looking towards the part where the impact has occurred between their vehicles  and gesturing eloquently.

This generates unnecessary hindrance on the street, delaying traffic. But, in addition, usually, the shock is imperceptible. So we can conclude that people who stop and spend hours stranded in the middle of the street by a tiny scrape on their vehicle, do not have much to do.

 Roundabouts on sale 

As explained above, the roundabout is a valid resource to replace traffic lights in areas where vehicle flow is very irregular. Since, at these crossings, traffic lights are not effective because they force you to wait at times where there is absolutely no one for several consecutive minutes.

Explained this, it is understood that some roundabouts have been installed in Mendoza in recent times. However, more than some, we should say, many, or too many. The clearest example is the recently inaugurated Paso Street, in its connection between Access Sur and Pan American Route, which, in its 2 kilometers long, has 3 huge roundabouts with parks and trails inside. Maybe a traffic light was enough.

So, to come to Mendoza you have to know that the one that circulates through the roundabout has passed. Above all, you have to know because you're going to run into a few in your stay in our province.

Rating: 4.00/5.