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The Chilean beaches, the most chosen

We Mendoza are fans of Chilean beaches. The sea is located just 400 kilometers from our arid, dry and mountain land.

As we are
playas chilenas

Due to the geographical proximity,  Mendoza has very close ties with Chile.  In fact, the most important step between Argentina and that country is in our province. That narrowness has made our culture shared in many respects, with  much of our common roots.   Some customs and meals are shared, such as the   rope  or the chancho in stone. So close is our relationship that most of the rest of the Argentines consider that we speak similarly to Chileans, something that infuriates us and we think is not true.  All these points of contact are boosted by the visits and recurring trips of Chileans to Mendoza, and from Mendoza to Chile. More precisely, towards its beaches.  

Summer arrives and Mendoza already started to  look at the rental prices on the beaches of Reñaca, Viña del Mar or La Serena.  The number does not vary from year to year, but the change does. On the other side of the Cordillera, the economy is quite stable,  but on this side not . Then the calculations begin. What we paid extra on rent we save on naphtha, compared to a vacation on the  Atlantic coast . Or, too, is speculated with daily expenses.  If we take a load of non-perishable or vacuum-packed food from Mendoza, then there we will not spend much and we can get a little cheaper.  It is a whole engineering work that is done when you calculate a vacation in Chile.


Another point to consider is the long waiting hours at customs. Something that we have explained long and laid out in this  link , but which basically  involves paperwork and bureaucracy that consumes us, at least, an hour. But, at most, eight.  

For this moment we Mendoza prepare psychologically and physically. From the psychological point we're going to have to do long queues, locked up in the car. From the physical, we carry shelter, money, drinks and food, to meet any need that may arise.

 Old acquaintance 

Once in destination, the first thing we do is leave things in the apartment and get shot at the beaches, touch the sand and sea water. And it is at that time (in conditions outside the pandemic) that we wondered if it was worth making the trip there. Not because the water and the sea are not spectacular. But because  within a 50-metre radius we find at least three known people.  

It is that there are many Mendoza who go, and the beaches are quite small. That's why we ended up meeting everyone. And the point is logical, maybe we should stay at home, to rest from the rest of the people  because , in the end, doing 400 kilometers, we find the same ones we usually see in Mendoza.

 The sea 

Usually criticized. In Reñaca, Viña del Mar and any beach in central Chile,  the sea is frozen. Not cold, ice cream.  Swell the bones. As soon as the water reached your knees, you get out, you have to do the big Usain Bolt, and run desperately until they're completely covered by water.

Instead, if our destination is the northern beaches like La Serena or Guanaqueros, things change.  The water is warmer and the holidays can be enjoyed more.  Anyway, before the little sea that we see Mendoza in our lives, anyone in front of us will be worthy to bathe our body.

Publication Date: 04/12/2020

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