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The 7 most common chamuyos in Argentina

Do they sound to you? Which are the ones you use the most?

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In our country, chamuyo is a common currency and, in one way or another, we are all part of that custom. So much that, from time to time, we overlook some than another chamuyo of those that are distinguished to kilometers; a little for not complicating our lives, another little because surely on some occasion it also came out of our mouth. Here we leave you the 7 most common chamuyos that argentines say. Do they sound to you?  Chamuyo 1: I was about to call you  If we called someone and, after the greeting, that is the first sentence he tells us, there is something that is clear: it's a lie.  Chamuyo 2: I'm coming  The “I am coming” is as imprecise as it is irrefutable. We can say it when we're two blocks away or coming out of the shower; the other will have no choice but to wait for us.  Chamuyo 3: Your order has just left there  When you pass the schedule promised by delivery, we call the food house indignados and we always receive that answer. Again, imprecise and irrefutable.  Chamuyo 4: I go and come  Of course, you go and come. The point is how long you are going to take in the middle. When someone comes out in a hurry making that promise on the air, the best thing we can do is wait for him sitting.  Chamuyo 5: We have to fix to see each other, huh?  You come across someone down the street, you have a short talk, and the final phrase is always the same. However, they both know it's a lie: if we wanted to see each other, we would see each other and ready.  Chamuyo 6: It is not you, it is me  A painful excuse if any, this phrase is the queen of any separation. To load up with the guilt and follow is the strategy. At the end of the day, it probably ends up being true.  Chamuyo 7: Don't cut it!  Another phrase that portenses an inevitable ending: if it is necessary to say it is because, probably, sooner or later it will be cut off.

Publication Date: 08/12/2018

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