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The 5 most used signs by Argentines

Argentines have a repertoire of signs that would deserve a special dictionary.

Argentines are expressive and gesticulators. We have a repertoire of signs that would deserve a special dictionary, but today we want to tell you just a few of them. If you're local, you know them. If you're a foreigner, it'll be a good way to start understanding each other... 1) The posta  Here the one who knows what he's talking about has “la posta.” And it reinforces it with a gesture that consists of forming a circle with the thumb and forefinger of a hand (generally, the right) and moving the wrist slightly to the rhythm of what is being said. 2) Go to c...  Insolent and inevitable, this gesture comes directly into our DNA. It is done by carrying your hand back on the side of the head, as if we were throwing something over our shoulder. 3) I don't know  We don't always know everything, and we have a gesture that says it very clear. Just slide the back of your hand forward below the chin. That is accompanied, of course, with a “I don't know” face. If a question receives that gesture as an answer, it means that the person has no idea what we are asking him. 4) What breaks b...  The sign par excellence to tell the other person that you are bothering us is simple and clear: it's about placing both palms up, at hip level, and moving your hands from the top down as if we were holding something very heavy. 5) Give me a minute  This gesture produces magic: no matter the urgency or anxiety of the other person, with a simple movement we can neutralize it. Just extend the index finger of the left hand and rest the yolk on the palm of your right hand: give me a minute.
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