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The 5 Argentine customs that most surprise foreigners

The customs we bring from the cradle, many times, displace foreigners who come to visit us from other latitudes. We
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| 22 October, 2019 |

What is everyday for us to another may seem like behavior from another planet. So, these customs that we bring from the cradle, many times, unplace those who come to visit us from other latitudes. Today we want to tell you what are the 5 Argentine customs that most surprise foreigners.

1) Our way of greeting

Kisses, hugs, slaps on the back: the Argentinian is warm with his friends, with simple acquaintances and even with complete strangers. Here we greet with a kiss the doorman of the building, all our co-workers and even the doctor. Between men and women. This is not common in other cultures, but we don’t care: we kiss anyone, even if we’ve never seen it before.

2) Matte

Mate, in itself, is a rather peculiar infusion. But even more so is the way we take it: every day, every hour, round and sharing the same bulb. This last detail scandalizes more than one foreigner, but in the long run everyone gives up and proves it.

3) Our conversations… and our interruptions

We’re charlatans, that’s true. We engage in conversations anywhere, with anyone. But something is even more striking: we don’t talk, we just wait our turn to talk. Finish an idea without being interrupted is almost a feat in our country.

4) Our obsession with roast

When foreigners come to visit family or friends in Argentina, they probably have four roasts in the same week. It’s just that the roast is our way of entertaining and celebrating. It is, too, the basis of our diet. Roasted everywhere and for any reason: this is another of the Argentinian customs that most surprise foreigners.

5) Impunctuality

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