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That longing to understand our dreams

With the advances of technology, that constant concern to interpret dreams becomes easier.

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From all history, mankind seeks to understand what happens in dreams. At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the famous  Sigmund Freud  developed a whole theory accepted until today. But “reading” what happens to us in dreams  is a topic that is far from being solved.  

Whether it's superstition, fear or curiosity, the interpretation and analysis of dreams is an activity that has many followers. Regardless of culture, age or creed, many dreamers seek to get a logical answer  to their dreams. The dream market is a little-explored area in a credible way.

In parallel, today's lifestyles tend to be more environmentally friendly. This makes smartphones and tablets replace paper-based services or products today. It is that they work optimally on our mobile devices, with much more possibilities than paper can give,  generating content in real time and constantly evolving.  

It is in this context in which from Santa Fe an innovation emerged that can be very useful in the way of understanding what happens in dreams.

It is an app for mobile phones and its creator, from the provincial capital, is Daniel Galán Romano. The memory of a nightmare was the trigger that Santafesino needed to begin to travel a long road that today sees its first fruits. One afternoon he got up from the traditional santafesina  nap  after having had a nightmare.

He began to write down what he had dreamed of and then a whole new project came up.

Operation is simple . You wake up and have the fresh memory  of your dream. You start the app and you  can write what you dreamed or record an audio  telling the adventure you lived when you slept.

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 Technology for nightmares 

The app has a “feed” where you can see your followers' dreams along with the number of comments and likes. By clicking on that container you see the sleep description along with the  flaps to view the comments.  

Each of the dreams can be categorized as a good dream or nightmare. This is reflected in a  calendar  that allows you to have a more global view of what we are dreaming and thus be able to understand what happens with your unconscious.

As extra data, the app has a voice recorder to record dreams and keep them private, in order to have a personal record.

The application  aims to create a social network , which people share their dreams and can exchange opinions about it. Sometimes it is curious to hear that someone had a dream very similar to ours and, perhaps, bringing together all the aspects that influence the dream can be better understood the mystery of those fantasies when sleeping.

Currently, those who wish to  download this app to their mobile phone can do so for free.   In the not too distant future, some of the tools will be tariffs, such as the analysis or interpretation of dreams.

For many it is interesting to remember dreams, the originality we see in them surprises us more than our  favorite film . If such an invention is popularized, far will be the interpretations of mentalists trout, tarotists or internet pages that give meaning to those images that often disorient their protagonists. The ability to share and analyze the dreams of different people at different points of the globe  is a greedy project , but it is close to becoming reality.

Publication Date: 03/02/2021

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