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Breaking down a myth

A Brazilian overthrows that myth that, in the lands of Pelé, everyone hates Argentines. We introduce you to Antonio.

Antonio lives in the state of Santa Catarina, the most visited by Argentine  tourism  and home to beaches such as Camboriú and the island of Florianópolis. Because of the characteristics of his homeland, Antonio has, from a very young time, contact with  Argentines . Antonio recognizes that, in Brazil, there is a  generalized image  of Argentines that  tends to be  negative   . But he claims it's due to a  myth . Prejudices of their fellow countrymen, which do not open up to other cultures.

When she was still a child, Antonio's mother worked in summer cottages in the beach area. She was a nanny and a housewife. Many times,  Antonio went to work with his mom . It is so that almost all their lives they had contact with Argentine tourists.

Already in his adolescence, he himself made his first “ changas ” in Floripa's inns. Contact with people from Argentina became even more common.

While acknowledging that the type of Argentine he met is “a privileged cut,” because not everyone can summer in Brazil, Antonio assures that the level of  culture  he finds in them is  clearly higher than the average Brazilian  in his environment.

 An image based on prejudice 

 “ Narciso acha feio o que não é espelho ”, says a song by the great Caetano Veloso. It would be something like “Narcissus find anything other than the mirror ugly.” Beyond  football pica , Antonio believes that the main reason that there is a myth of  rivalry between Argentines and Brazilians  has to do with ignorance. “There is a great barrier that is cultural and idiomatic, and many don't dare to jump it.”

One aspect that can bring to this negative idea may have to do  with the way of expressing ourselves  that Argentines have. “They have a lot of firmness and conviction in speaking. That can be confused with arrogance. But it's not. It is  security and  strong personality  ,” says Catarinense.

“Some ideas I find to describe the way Argentines are: warmth, integrity and sincerity. Personally,  I have a Santafesino friend . From him I always emphasize that he gives a lot of value to the word.”

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