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Tango is waiting for you...

Tango is waiting for you...

Since my childhood I heard that music that seemed so strange to my ears sound:  tango .

To see the old man lighting a barbecue on Sundays, humming melodies so strange that they didn't make sense but that, without thinking about it, were calming my skin and hiding in my heart.

One winter afternoon, many years later, I had a coffee with my dad in a typical Buenos Aires bar, from those cafetines that abound in Buenos Aires. It was a common day, like any other day. Between sip and sip, I asked him: “Viejo, why do you like tango so much? I don't understand. I've heard it for years and I don't distinguish singers, rhythms... I even think everything the same.”

He just smiled. Then he said, “You know what's going on? You're not ready for tango yet, but stay calm: tango awaits you around the corner. When your heart is ready, it will take you by surprise and you will understand it.”

I didn't understand anything. I was still more confused than before the conversation. I was even angry with my father's answer, reminded me of when they said, “When you're big, you're going to understand.”

Many years passed since that cafetín in Buenos Aires. A thousand stories. The old man's gone. Everything changed. And, yes, tango waited for me. He understood me. He explained to me, and he's already part of me. Like the memory of the old man, who will never leave my heart again.

In a cafétín, bar or in a still life. No matter the place, in Argentina we are and breathe tango daily, although we don't perceive it. He is there, hoping to find everyone's heart, but in due time.

Tango for everyone

Some eager will not want to wait until tango finds them to know what it is. Or they need a more “modern” approach to start connecting with this special music. For them, I share a list with some artists, orchestras, musical groups and contemporary bands that make tango music and bring it to our time. Perhaps, these examples are a good starting point along the way until you can find - or be found - by the tango of the classics. Take note:

It happens, many times, that the curiosity to know this musical genre comes from the desire to connect with  dance . And, once again, this is far from being an unattainable activity or only for some generations. There are great options in Buenos Aires to learn to dance tango without the need to have any prior knowledge or regardless of age. I share some examples of places where classes are taught to encourage you to start:

Another option to get closer to this immortal dance is to go to Plaza Dorrego (between Defensa and Humberto 1st streets, in San Telmo) and see the independent artists dancing to the beat of the tango music that comes out of the speaker. It is open to the public and those who are encouraged can join the track. Near Plaza Dorrego you will find the best known alternative: La Boca and the unmistakable Caminito. There you can also find various pairs of dancers in every corner and for all tastes and ages.

Rating: 2.50/5.