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Static electricity: Cordoba sparks

If you ever visited Cordoba, surely some Cordovan gave you a kick, unintentionally. How does static electricity work?
As we are
27 January, 2020

In Córdoba Capital, and in some other cities, the phenomenon of static electricity is a reality. We are already used to sparking. But others don’t. That’s why a lot of people get scared when a knob, key or even someone else generates a shock . electric. It also happens with some fabrics, such as fleece or wool. If you take off a garment of these materials at night, there is a light show.

But… what is it that we Does he throw sparks? It’s static electricity. A physical phenomenon, caused by because of the imbalance between positive and negative loads that objects have. And it’s not because we Cordobes are unbalanced, huh?

And then why?

Because of the weather. The air makes us charge or discharge energy, depending on whether it is dry or wet. If it is wet, it will cause us to discharge with different objects when it comes into contact with tiny particles of water. If it is dry, you will not find where to discharge, and our body will accumulate all that energy charge. Our climate varies a lot. That’s why sometimes we spark more.

Between spark and spark, we receive the different seasons of the year. Sometimes a greeting can be turned into an electric shock. A kiss, in a kick. That’s why you have to pay attention and try not to wear conductors when the weather is dry. Some people load and unload more than others and, for that, we have no explanation.

We give you some tips for do not spark so much:

  • Do not wear rubber shoes that is insulating and prevents us unload on the floor. Which is why we accumulate more static electricity.
  • Avoid wearing clothes synthetic, such as fleece garments. Also avoid wool.
  • Use stockings from Cotton.
  • Take care of touch from time to time a metal surface.
  • Expect the weather to humidify.

And, if you like Cordoba, put up with the spark.

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